Internet of Things - IOT Market Research Reports

  1. 05 Feb 2024  |  Global  |  Market Research

    Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) Applied for Internet of Things (IoT): Growth Opportunities

    Integration Enables Efficiency and Problem-solving in Existing Processes and Revenue Generation from Emerging Opportunities

    GenAI refers to algorithms and machine learning models used to create content, including text, audio, images, video, and code. To be a component of the IoT, Frost & Sullivan considers any product, application, or service must be part of a larger solution that comprises these 4 elements: Objects virtualized and imbued with data measurement ca...

  2. 20 Dec 2023  |  Global  |  Market Research

    IoT Start-up Tracker: Digital Power and Energy Services

    Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) to Support the Future Growth Potential of IoT Platforms

    Operators of electric utilities and distribution systems look for solutions to cut operational expenditure and increase network resiliency. Frost & Sullivan s start-up tracker helps ecosystem participants identify providers offering solutions that address industry challenges. The start-up tracker provides a rich database of start-up and niche p...

  3. 19 Dec 2023  |  Global  |  Market Research

    Global IoT eSIM Market Growth Opportunities

    Ecosystem Collaboration, New Business Models, and Demand for Low-Power, Cost-Efficient eSIM Connectivity Boost Market Potential

    The global IoT eSIM market is at an early stage, with providers collaborating to standardize the technology. Most cellular IoT devices connect to physical SIM cards, while the rest incorporate eSIMs for testing and proof of concept (PoC). While enterprises still use physical SIM cards for IoT deployments, eSIM adoption is expected to accelerate fro...

  4. 07 Dec 2023  |  Global  |  Market Research

    Internet of Things (IoT) in Commercial Aviation

    IoT and Big Data Analytics Form the Core of the Technology Strategies of Aviation Stakeholders

    The development and implementation of next-generation technologies, rapid advances in consumer technology, increasing shift to cloud computing, and utilization of IoT, big data, and machine learning to collect and analyze large amounts of data are transforming industry processes. The digitalization of various processes in commercial aviation has sc...

  5. 03 Nov 2023  |  Global  |  Market Research

    Global Cellular IoT Connectivity Growth Opportunities

    5G and LPWAN Bring Opportunities for New Applications and Use Cases to Flourish in Different Verticals

    The global cellular IoT market is in the growth stage, with telecom operators expanding in terms of net add connections and revenue. Despite the acceleration initiative by the ecosystem to shut down their 2G and 3G networks, the cellular IoT market is evolving fast. A large number of developing economies continue to use 2G and 3G to ensure connecti...

  6. 10 Oct 2023  |  Global  |  Market Research

    The Future of IoT Security

    Technology Strategies for Securing Connectivity, Devices, Data, Applications and Networks from Cyberthreats

    IoT security refers to cybersecurity measures taken to protect connected devices and networks. With the increasing volume of data being transmitted from external sources and the larger attack surface in the IoT era, the need for robust security solutions has become crucial for reliable IoT operations. Malfunctioning or compromised IoT devices, whe...

  7. 26 Sep 2023  |  Global  |  Market Research

    Cellular IoT and Low-power Wide-area Network (LPWAN) Modules Growth Opportunities

    Cellular and Proprietary LPWAN Network Expansion, Strategic Mergers and Acquisitions, and Supply Chain Recovery are Fueling IoT Modules Market Growth

    Leading IoT module manufacturers' innovative business models, industry convergence between cellular IoT and low-power wide-area network (LPWAN), and the emergence of innovative technologies, such as non-terrestrial networks (NTN) and 5G-based hardware, are strategic imperatives transforming the global cellular IoT and LPWAN module market. New us...

  8. 26 Jul 2023  |  Global  |  Market Research

    Global IoT Satellite Connectivity Market

    Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellite Mega-constellations, Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN) Integration, and Ecosystem Collaboration Boost the Future Growth Potential of IoT Satellite Connectivity

    The IoT satellite connectivity market is gaining traction worldwide with advances in low earth orbit (LEO) mega-constellation construction and launch. The IoT ecosystem is adopting LEO satellite technology for its advantages, such as cost reduction and new revenue stream creation. Collaboration between standards, which include low-power wide-area ...

  9. 05 Jun 2023  |  Global  |  Market Research

    Internet of Things (IoT) Start-up Tracker—Payments

    Disruptive Technologies and Strategies are Enabling Contactless and Frictionless Payments

    This Internet of Things (IoT) start-up tracker focuses on the payments segment in the banking and financial services industry. It is a resource to help ecosystem participants identify solution providers with offerings that address industry challenges. It takes a close look at the IoT start-ups and niche players that can transform processes in payme...


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  10. 25 May 2023  |  Global  |  Market Research

    IoT Growth Opportunities in the Metaverse

    Digital Twins, 5G, Edge Computing, Sensors, Semiconductors, and XR Devices are Key Enablers of the Metaverse

    Frost & Sullivan defines the metaverse as an interconnected network of persistent three-dimensional (3D) worlds and simulations where end users, represented by virtual avatars, are enabled with a sense of social presence and spatial awareness and participate in an extensive virtual economy. IoT is crucial in terms of linking the metaverse and real...


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