Internet of Things - IOT Market Research Reports

  1. Even if predictive maintenance were to become widespread in the manufacturing vertical, it would impact only one area of a manufacturer’s operations. BDA has the potential to leverage data collected through IoT—and almost 40 other areas—to do much more for manufacturing companies, in almost every corner of the enterprise. This report analyzes...


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  2. 11 Nov 2016  |  North America  |  Strategic Forecasting

    IoT Risk Becomes Real: DDoS Emerges as Primary Threat Vector for IoT

    The Krebs On Security attack, and subsequent attacks observed since, cast a spotlight on the heretofore undefined risk of IoT-based DDoS attacks. This market insight will explore the DDoS risk associated with IoT devices, and implications for IoT DDoS mitigation practices.


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  3. 11 Oct 2016  |  North America  |  Strategic Forecasting

    Connected Home and the Internet of Things: Consumers Leading the Charge to Hyper-Connectedness

    This report will illustrate why the internet of things and the connected home are virtually synonymous, why consumers are adopting IoT technology, and what they think of that process. It will conclude with some examples of the connected home vision, and an exploration of opportunities in the connected home IoT space.


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  4. 20 Sep 2016  |  North America  |  Market Research

    IoT Enabled Smart Buildings Market

    A Growing Opportunity, Fuelled by Connectivity and Technology Convergence

    Smart buildings are increasingly being enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT) and made functional by the ongoing convergence of operational technology (OT) systems and information technology (IT) systems in buildings. With IoT, a host of new elements such as the cloud, remote access, data sharing and analytics, and connected and shared networks ar...


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  5. 31 Aug 2016  |  North America  |  Tracker

    Quarterly U.S. Internet of Things (IoT) Cellular Connection Tracker, Q2 2016

    Growth in Business IoT Deployments Drives Increasing Market Penetration of IoT Diverse Range of Applications

    Growth in Business IoT Deployments Drives Increasing Market Penetration of IoT Devices in Diverse Range of Applications. Led by AT&T, Verizon, Sprint & T-Mobile, the cellular IoT market is growing rapidly with ubiquitous connectivity and growing list of applications designed to solve customer challenges. Quarterly connections provided from Q4 2014 ...


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  6. 26 Aug 2016  |  North America  |  Megatrends

    European Return Logistics Market Disrupted by Sharing Economy, IoT, and Big Data by 2020

    Growth Opportunity Booms with Meteoric Rise of Online Retail

    With the growth of online retail in Europe, the return logistics market is seeing tremendous expansion and giving rise to a range of new participants offering innovative returns models. By 2020, the business for logistics companies focusing on product returns will double. This implies significant growth of nearly 13% over the next 5 years and provi...


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  7. 24 Aug 2016  |  North America  |  Market Research

    Global Satellite IoT Market Analysis

    Vertical Markets Drive Growth Opportunities

    Although satellite will play a smaller role than cellular in the Internet of Things (IoT) industry, it will be an irreplaceable role. While cellular networks cover the majority of the points of presence (POPs) on the planet, remote locations and under-served locations will always remain. Satellite is currently the only technology that can quickly a...


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  8. 05 Aug 2016  |  North America  |  Market Research

    Analysis of the Latin American IoT in Education Market

    Increase in Broadband Connectivity and Government Support Foster Growth of an Interconnected Education Ecosystem

    The Internet of Things (IoT) in education ecosystem aims to provide university and lifelong learners, faculty, students, and institutions access to educational tools and content anytime, anywhere, and across any device. This research covers the Latin American IoT in education market segmented by learning management system (LMS), lecture capture sol...


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  9. 25 Jul 2016  |  North America  |  Market Research

    Impact of IoT on Global Educational Technology

    Proliferation of Digital Learning Solutions Driven by Hyper-connectivity, Low-cost Devices, and Government Support

    This research service covers the IoT in education global market, including LMS, LCS, Big Data Analytics, and academic devices. Detailed global market trend analyses—including market drivers, market restraints, technology trends, and segment analysis—are provided in this research. Detailed revenue forecasts are also provided for the total IoT in...


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  10. 17 Jun 2016  |  North America  |  Strategic Forecasting

    The Fog Rolls In: Network Architectures for IoT and Edge Computing

    In this SPIE, we discuss the emerging concept of “fog computing,” and examine the network’s role in Internet of Things and other distributed computing use cases. We consider challenges enterprises face in deploying a fog architecture, and providers’ efforts to facilitate adoption, including Equinix’s Interconnection Oriented Architecture....


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