Internet of Things - IOT

  1. 01 Feb 2017  |  Global

    Global Aerospace Onboard Internet of Things, 2016

    Commercial Aircraft are Becoming Internet-driven Environments with IoT Devices, Software Managing Onboard Systems, and Communications

    The global aerospace onboard Internet of Things (IoT) market is in a state of change. The introduction of enhanced Internet Protocol (IP)-based software and equipment is driving the market in new directions. This insight covers the market from 2016 to 2026. The infrastructure necessary to provide connectivity and control functions is a significant ...

  2. 05 Jan 2017  |  Global

    IoT Quarterly Executive Brief, Q2 (April–June) 2016—Top Trends & Strategic Recommendations

    IoT Suppliers Pursue Market Share Goals through Acquisitions, Alliances, and Customer Wins

    Frost & Sullivan’s Internet of Things (IoT) Executive Brief is a series of tracker reports to provide an update of the key IoT and M2M announcements each quarter, highlighting the trends and the direction of growth in the market. Research Scope The technology stack includes market trends in the vendor landscape, products and services, and stan...