Leasing and Finance Market Research Reports

The Frost & Sullivan Fleet Leasing and Vehicle Financing team provides insights on key trends and innovations underpinning the shift from vehicle ownership to vehicle usage. Dedicated resource tracks and analyses the key components including fleet leasing, used car financing, private leasing, fleet management, long term and short term car rental, future vehicle financing and mergers & acquisitions in the industry.

The team integrates secondary research with in-depth interviews of vehicle fleet funding providers and fleet operators in order to deliver market and competitor data highlighting the development of company car, full service leasing, financial leasing and fleet management services. The scope of the research is global, spanning developed and emerging markets. Country Market insight reports and Global outlook studies help clients better understand growth potential (drivers and restraints) and associated business opportunities within fleet and retail sectors both in Passenger Vehicle (PV) and Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) segments. In our reports the market analysis covers Vehicle New Registrations and Vehicles in Operation (VIO) data.

We work closely with the world’s largest fleet leasing service providers and auto finance companies to help them find product, service and geographic opportunities. We provide solutions to clients based on historic data, current market conditions (PESTLE), insights and opinion of key market players and associations and expected growth rate. Tailored, customized solutions provide clients insights into latest trends in automobile finance.

  1. 17 Jan 2023  |  Global  |  Market Research

    Analysis of Mergers & Acquisitions in the Global Vehicle Leasing, Rental, and Subscription Industry

    Leasing Contributed Top 3 M&A Deals in 2021 with Total Transaction Value of $59.7 Million

    Vehicle leasing solves several challenges associated with organizations’ mobility needs, such as vehicle funding, fleet maintenance, and residual value risk. To concentrate their focus on core products and services, businesses do well to outsource support activities related to mobility, from purchasing new fleet vehicles to remarketing used ones....

  2. 06 Dec 2022  |  North America  |  Market Research

    Analysis of Telematics in the Vehicle Leasing and Rental Industry, Americas

    Competitive Intensity to Ensure Transformational Growth of Fleet Telematics in the American Vehicle Leasing and Rental Industry by 2026

    Economies across the world are bouncing back in full force after the pandemic-induced lull. Despite a slump in the recent past, automotive sales are slowly recovering in the Americas, and fleet leasing and rental markets are on the path of recovery. Telematics adoption is on the rise as connected cars are gaining traction in the region, primarily t...

  3. 14 Nov 2022  |  North America  |  Market Research

    North American Electric Vehicle Leasing Growth Opportunities

    While Electric Vehicle Leasing Revenue is Set to Cross $4.0 Billion per Annum by 2026, Market Participants Should Devise Flexible Operational Leasing Contracts with Shorter Contract Periods to Drive Demand for their Product Offerings

    Vehicle leasing solves several challenges associated with an organization's mobility needs, such as vehicle funding, fleet maintenance, and residual risk. To focus on their core products and services, businesses have to outsource support activities related to mobility, ranging from fleet purchasing to remarketing. Without an expert team on the job,...