Leasing and Finance Market Research Reports

The Frost & Sullivan Fleet Leasing and Vehicle Financing team provides insights on key trends and innovations underpinning the shift from vehicle ownership to vehicle usage. Dedicated resource tracks and analyses the key components including fleet leasing, used car financing, private leasing, fleet management, long term and short term car rental, future vehicle financing and mergers & acquisitions in the industry.

The team integrates secondary research with in-depth interviews of vehicle fleet funding providers and fleet operators in order to deliver market and competitor data highlighting the development of company car, full service leasing, financial leasing and fleet management services. The scope of the research is global, spanning developed and emerging markets. Country Market insight reports and Global outlook studies help clients better understand growth potential (drivers and restraints) and associated business opportunities within fleet and retail sectors both in Passenger Vehicle (PV) and Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) segments. In our reports the market analysis covers Vehicle New Registrations and Vehicles in Operation (VIO) data.

We work closely with the world’s largest fleet leasing service providers and auto finance companies to help them find product, service and geographic opportunities. We provide solutions to clients based on historic data, current market conditions (PESTLE), insights and opinion of key market players and associations and expected growth rate. Tailored, customized solutions provide clients insights into latest trends in automobile finance.

  1. 15 Nov 2018  |  Asia Pacific  |  Market Research

    The Philippine Auto Leasing and Car Rental Market, Forecast to 2022

    The Philippine Market is Expected to Grow at a CAGR of 14% Over the Next 5 Years

    This RS offers a detailed assessment of the Philippine auto leasing and car rental market during 2017 to 2022. This market has a very complex structure with the presence of banks, financing/leasing companies backed by OEMs as well as pure-play leasing and rental companies. Low awareness of auto leasing and the popularity of auto finance are the key...

  2. 24 Sep 2018  |  Asia Pacific  |  Market Research

    Asia-Pacific Light Vehicles Leasing Market, Forecast to 2022

    Market Expected to Witness a CAGR of 5.6% Due to Better Economic Performance of the Representing Countries

    Company cars are an important factor of consideration for big corporates while trying to provide their employees with a stable mobility solution. However, the cost and effort required to maintain a fleet is important, as businesses try to increase productivity on their core products/services. Vehicle leasing companies offer services to tackle the ...

  3. 06 Jul 2018  |  Asia Pacific  |  Market Research

    Assessment of Indonesian Auto Leasing and Car Rental Market

    Largest Auto Leasing and Rental Market in Southeast Asia that is Likely to Witness Strong Growth due to Increasing Acceptance among Customers

    Indonesia has the largest auto leasing market and car rental market in South East Asia. However, the market remains very fragmented and the top 8 players account for a little over one-fourth of the market. The remaining market comprises of organized players including financial institutions with licensed business as well as thousands of small local ...

  4. 30 May 2018  |  Asia Pacific  |  Market Research

    Assessment of Thailand Auto Leasing and Car Rental Market

    Second Largest Market in Southeast Asia that is Likely to Witness Strong Growth

    The auto leasing market and car rental market in Thailand is extremely complex. A majority of the market is with leasing companies affiliated with banks which club hire purchase with leasing. The market faces restraints and challenges such as high competition, high lease rental, low residual value, political instability, unstable FDI, unclear tax r...

  5. 11 Jan 2018  |  Asia Pacific  |  Market Research

    Fleet Vehicle Leasing Market in Russia, Forecast to 2020

    Russian Banks are Entering the Operational Leasing Segment and Competing Intensely with Core Leasing Companies

    Vehicle leasing is seen as a solution to the growing problems faced by companies for their mobility needs, including vehicle funding, fleet maintenance and, more importantly, residual risk handling. Businesses in the present market conditions are focused on their core products/services and would like to outsource all other support activities. Mobil...

  6. 18 Nov 2016  |  Asia Pacific  |  Market Research

    New and Used Car Auto Financing in Malaysia

    Understanding the Local Vehicle Financing Industry and its Future Outlook

    This research service offers a detailed overview of the used and new car financing market in Malaysia. Auto finance is an essential instrument to support the automotive industry in the country. The study discusses the existing scenario of auto financing in Malaysia and offers a technical review of the industry—including yearly statistics trends a...

  7. 21 Oct 2016  |  Asia Pacific  |  Market Research

    Strategic Assessment of Used Car Market in Thailand

    Used Car Sales to Witness a Positive Growth During 2015–2020

    This study analyzes the demand and key market factors impacting the trends within the used car market in Thailand from 2015 to 2020. The market overview highlights the market structure of the used car market. It also reviews the key participants in the market including their business performance, business operations, and buying and sales channels. ...

  8. 01 Mar 2016  |  Asia Pacific  |  Market Research

    Fleet Vehicle Leasing Market in Russia, Forecast to 2019

    Ageing Fleets and Company Car Sales to Energise Market, Demand from Large Russian Enterprises to Create Strong Growth for Operational Leasing in Passenger Car Segment

    This study details the size and shape of the company car (true fleet) market in Russia with a focus on the actual development and growth potential of finance lease and operating lease within Passenger Vehicle (PV) and Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) segments. The analysis takes into account historic data, current market conditions (PESTLE, key drive...