Macroeconomics Market Research Reports

The global Macroeconomics industry is navigating a period of transformative change. With the advent of new economic paradigms, shifting policy environments, and the increased use of advanced economic modeling techniques, the industry landscape is shifting quickly. To stay ahead and capitalize on new opportunities, businesses and policymakers need access to current market research and insights.

Frost & Sullivan delivers tailored market research reports for the Macroeconomics field, offering detailed market forecasts, trend analyses, competitive benchmarks, and future growth assessments. Our reports are meticulously developed by leading analysts and researchers, using a robust methodology that combines primary and secondary data sources....

Key Topics Covered:


  • Future Megatrends Analysis: Explore major global forces shaping various industries by 2040 (Mega-Trends in 2040).
  • Long-Term Global Trends & 2040 Market Predictions: Gain insights into long-term trends impacting the world by 2040 (various resources).


  • Construction Industry Trends & Future Construction Technologies: Discover upcoming trends and innovative building solutions in the construction industry (Trend Opportunity Profile: Future of Construction).

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

  • AI Market Overview 2024 & Global AI Advancements: Get a comprehensive picture of the global AI landscape in 2024 (Global State of AI, 2024).
  • AI Trends, Maturity Assessment & Readiness: Uncover the latest AI trends, assess global AI adoption (Global AI Maturity Survey 2024), and understand AI readiness in 2024.

Supply Chain:

  • Supply Chain Automation Trends & Smart Technologies: Explore opportunities in automating logistics and identify solutions for a smarter supply chain (Growth Opportunities in Supply Chain Automation, Trend Opportunity Profile Series: Supply Chain).
  • Nearshoring Market Analysis & Supply Chain Localization Trends: Discover business models and growth opportunities driven by the nearshoring trend, alongside trends in local manufacturing and global supply chain shifts (multiple resources).

Food & Beverage:

  • Synthetic Food Market Growth & Alternative Protein Development: Explore the growth potential of lab-grown and alternative protein sources, and advancements in their development (Growth Opportunities in the Synthesized Foods Industry, Technological Advances that Overcome Challenges to Alternative Protein Development and Commercialization).

Manufacturing & Sustainability:

  • FinOps Market Landscape & Future of Financial Operations: Analyze the current state, future plans, and growth opportunities for FinOps (financial management for cloud services) (FinOps: Current Ecosystem and State and Future Roadmap and Growth Opportunities).
  • Sustainable Manufacturing Trends & Green Production Technologies: Discover opportunities in environmentally-friendly manufacturing practices (Growth Opportunities Driven by Green Manufacturing).


  • Urbanization Market Trends & Smart City Developments: Dive deep into trends and growth opportunities in urbanization and smart city development (Trend Opportunity Profile: Urbanization Second Edition).

Regional Growth:

  • Saudi Economic Growth & Vision 2030 Initiatives: Analyze the socio-economic transformation and growth drivers in Saudi Arabia by 2030 (Saudi Arabia: Socioeconomic Transformation and Growth Drivers, 2030).
  • European Economic Growth & Market Opportunities: Explore macroeconomic growth opportunities in developed European economies by 2030 (Developed Europe: Macroeconomic Growth Opportunities, 2030, Growth Opportunities in Developed European and Key Middle Eastern Economies: Economic Tracker, 2018-2022).
  • Japan Economic Trends & Market Growth: Explore macroeconomic growth opportunities and market opportunities in Japan by 2027 (Japan Macroeconomic Growth Opportunities, 2027).
  • US Economic Trends & Growth: Analyze macroeconomic growth opportunities in the United States between 2024-2030 (United States Macroeconomic Growth Opportunities, 2024-2030).

Other Industries:

  • SD-WAN Market North America & Network Management Trends: Discover the market maturity and growth potential for Managed SD-WAN services in North America (Frost Radar™: Managed SD-WAN Services in North America, 2024).
  • Banking Industry Trends & Financial Services Innovation: Analyze trends and opportunities in banking and financial services, including Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) (Trend Opportunity Profile: Banking & Financial Services, Frost Radar™: Buy Now: Pay Later, 2023).
  • Industrial Market Trends & Global Industry Analysis: Explore key trends impacting various industries globally (9 Critical Trends Defining Global Industrial Markets, Trend Opportunity Profiles: Economic Trends (Second Edition)).
  • Retail Industry Trends & Future Retail Opportunities: Explore trends and growth opportunities in the retail industry (Trend Opportunity Profile Series: Retail).
  • Wellness Industry Trends & Health and Nutrition Market: Uncover trends and growth opportunities in health, wellness, and nutrition (Trend Opportunity Profile Series: Health, Wellness, and Nutrition).

Workforce & Demographics:

  • The Creator Economy & Digital Content Monetization: Explore opportunities in the growing creator economy (Growth Opportunities Driven by the Rise of the Creator Economy).
  • Gig Economy Trends & Future of Gig Work: Analyze the trends shaping the future of the gig economy (Transformative Trends Shaping the Gig Economy).
  • Silver Economy Trends & Aging Population Opportunities: Identify opportunities related to the growing elderly population by 2050 (Rapidly Aging Demographics and Opportunities from the Global Silver Economy 2050).
  • Alternative Workforce & Freelance Market Analysis: Explore opportunities in the non-traditional workforce (e.g., freelancing) and analyze growth within the freelance market (Growth Opportunities in the Alternative Workforce Space).
  • Manufacturing Excellence Trends & Advanced Manufacturing Growth: Dive into the latest trends shaping operational excellence in manufacturing and discover advancements in manufacturing processes for 2024 (Frost Radar™: Manufacturing Excellence, 2024).
  • Economic Analysis: Gain insights into global economic trends, market growth opportunities, and economic tracker reports for specific regions (multiple resources).
  • Social Trend Analysis & Future Social Opportunities: Understand current social media and consumer behavior trends to identify upcoming opportunities (Trend Opportunity Profile: Social Trends (Second Edition)).
  • Energy Market Trends & Renewable Energy Opportunities: Explore trends in the energy sector and identify opportunities for growth in renewable energy sources (Trend Opportunity Profile: Energy).

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  1. 04 Oct 2013  |  Global  |  Economic and Databases

    Emerging Market Growth Prospects: India

    Insight into Emerging Markets

    India’s economic and industrial growth experienced a sharp decline in 2012, owing to the weak global economic scenario since India exports nearly 60% of its goods and services to US, Europe and Japan. Investment demand is expected to respond to a stable monetary policy regime and spur growth and business confidence in 2014. The Twelfth Fiver Year...

  2. 30 Aug 2013  |  Global  |  Megatrends

    Strategic Opportunity Analysis of the Global Smart City Market

    Smart City Market is Likely to be Worth a Cumulative $1.565 Trillion by 2020

    The research service sets the stage for visionary thinking by identifying and analyzing one of the significant Mega Trends, Smart is the New Green. 'Smart' as a value proposition has been increasingly replacing 'Green' concepts. This presentation would highlight examples of projects, companies and technologies that will invade and change the smart ...

  3. 19 Jun 2013  |  Global  |  Economic and Databases

    Global Economic Tracker – Insights and Trends (GET-IT) – Western Europe Q1, 2013

    A Quarterly Pulse of Growth Opportunities

    The Western European economy is likely to recover at a very slow pace in 2013, as economic uncertainty continues to loom. The Government of France needs to focus on reducing the fiscal deficit, increasing tax on companies, and reducing public spending in Q1 2013. Germany has succeeded in maintaining a positive trade balance and this is expected to ...

  4. 27 May 2013  |  Global  |  Economic and Databases

    Global Economic Tracker—Insights and Trends (GET-IT)—Emerging Latin America Quarter 1, 2013

    A Quarterly Pulse of Growth Opportunities

    The emerging countries of the Latin American region—Chile, Colombia, and Mexico—are likely to experience moderate growth during the first two quarters of 2013. Economic growth would be largely dependent on domestic demand, and increasing infrastructure investment. Growth in exports is expected to be moderate due to slow global recovery in 2013....

  5. 27 May 2013  |  Global  |  Economic and Databases

    Global Economic Tracker—Insights & Trends Rest of World (ROW) Quarter 1, 2013

    A Quarterly Pulse Of Growth Opportunities

    Commodity demand in Australia has been badly affected by the weakening growth in China. A reduction in government spending may help register the current account surplus by 2013. In Japan, exports are expected to be low in 2013 due to decrease in demand and the strong yen. Industrial production is likely to slow down further due to border disputes w...

  6. 27 May 2013  |  Global  |  Economic and Databases

    Global Economic Tracker—Insights and Trends (GET—IT)—Emerging Europe Quarter 1, 2013

    A Quarterly Pulse of Growth Opportunities

    Emerging Europe is expected to continue to experience sluggish growth in H1 2013 (H1 denotes the first half of the year) due to the spillover effect of the Eurozone crisis. Investor confidence will remain low. As per the European Union’s prescription, governments are to exercise stringent fiscal measures in order to limit budget deficits. This wi...

  7. 20 May 2013  |  Global  |  Economic and Databases

    Global Economic Tracker – Insights and Trends (GET-IT) – BRICS Quarter 1 2013

    A Quarterly Pulse of Growth Opportunities

    The BRICS countries showed signs of slowing down in the latter half of 2012, and could continue into 2013. Brazil’s business environment is likely to be strong in 2013. Russia’s dual pricing is putting pressure on the economy, but the reduction of import tariffs on drugs and medical devices could boost its healthcare sector. The Indian Governme...

  8. 20 May 2013  |  Global  |  Economic and Databases

    Global Economic Tracker – Insights and Trends (GET-IT) – North America Quarter 1 2013

    A Quarterly Pulse of Growth Opportunities

    Manufacturing competitiveness in the United States is expected to improve in 2013. Due to the shale gas and shale oil revolution and a subsequent decline in natural gas prices, the US could regain its competitive advantage in 2013. The outlook for the chemicals industry for 2013 is bullish; it is expected to serve as a major driver of economic grow...

  9. 20 May 2013  |  Global  |  Economic and Databases

    Global Economic Tracker – Insights and Trends (GET-IT) – Emerging Middle East & Africa Quarter 1 2013

    A Quarterly Pulse of Growth Opportunities

    The political instability of North Africa is largely affecting investor sentiments. Also, economic challenges such as growing unemployment and a huge fiscal deficit have lowered expectations of economic growth in the region. Due to the fluctuations in international oil prices and the decline in export demand for manufactured goods, Middle Eastern c...

  10. 20 May 2013  |  Global  |  Economic and Databases

    Global Economic Tracker – Insights and Trends (GET-IT) – Emerging Asia-Pacific Quarter 1, 2013

    A Quarterly Pulse of Growth Opportunities

    In Asia-Pacific (APAC), emerging countries are likely to experience better export growth in early 2013 than the developed countries here. Due to a higher level of liquidity and domestic savings rate, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam will probably maintain steady economic growth in H1 2013. Increasing per capita income, high investment in infrastruc...