Amidst increasing global volatility and changing market dynamics, keeping abreast of the latest macroeconomic developments and trends is vital to stay on top of your game. Timely macroeconomic inputs enable you to formulate proactive strategies vis-à-vis reactive strategies, helping you to better deal with challenges and even capitalize on opportunities arising from a volatile environment.

Frost & Sullivan’s Cross-Industries research enables you to continually track:


  • Country specific PESTLE Trends and implications
  • Economic and Industry Parameters
  • Pertinent Economic Issues
  • Emerging Growth Opportunities
  • Global Mega Trends

Time macroeconomic analysis accompanied by data projections helps in assessing global economic and investment conditions, decision making, and geographic expansion strategies.

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18 Dec 2015  |  Global

The Global Future of Work—The Future Place and Structure of Work

Trade, Technology, and Transparency to Shape the Workplace in 2025

The Global Future of Work—The Future Place and Structure of Work applies a multi-faceted approach to answering the question: where will work take place in 2025? Topics include international trends, such as mega-regional trade deals and right-shoring considerations; workplace design and format trends, such as smart offices and innovative retail sp...

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23 Oct 2015  |  Global

Internet of Things Quarterly Executive Brief H1 2015—Top Trends and Strategic Recommendations

Fragmentation of Standards Continue as Vendors Launch Individual IoT Initiatives

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a vast and complex space which is attracting increasing investment across vertical markets. This executive brief provides an update of the IoT market, highlighting strategic events during H1 2015. It identifies key market trends, tracks the areas with most activity, and highlights the top providers.

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06 Apr 2016  |  Europe

Future of Artificial Intelligence

Investigating the Hardware and Machine Learning Technologies that would Realize the AI Agents of the Future

With improvements in data acquisition and computing power, artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more of a reality each day. Companies are constantly developing self-evolving machine learning approaches and hardware enhancements to support AI applications. This study explores new innovations in machine learning and computing that will enable the...

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29 Mar 2016  |  Global

Top 50 Emerging Technologies: Growth Opportunities of Strategic Imperative

Multi-billion dollar technologies ready to propel industries and transform our world

Research Overview The Top 50 Emerging Technologies research is a comprehensive analysis of the most promising and disruptive technologies poised to impact our world in the next few years. It highlights and offers strategic guidance and actionable ideas on the hottest 50 technologies that pack maximum potential to fuel global innovation; spawn in...

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12 Apr 2016  |  North America

North America—Economic Trends 2016

What is Trending in 2016 in North America

The 2016 economic outlook for the US is stable owing to improved housing and strong domestic demand. Growth in Canada is likely to continue to be poor even in 2016 due to its overdependence on oil and other commodities. The energy renaissance in North America in the form of US shale gas and Canadian oil sands has been setback due to low oil prices....

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This Microelectronics TOE profiles developments in pico projectors, dew point transmitters, CNT electronics, system-on-a-chip, and wearables. Innovations include a pico projector that turns a smartphone into movie projector, an economical dewpoint transmitter, cleaner nanotubes that increase conductivity, an affordable high-performance system-on-a-...

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21 Mar 2018  |  North America

Trinidad and Tobago's Macroeconomic Prospects, Forecast to 2022

Trinidad and Tobago Expected to Emerge from Recession with 1.5% GDP Growth in 2018

This study explores Trinidad and Tobago’s macroeconomic prospects in regards to gross domestic product (GDP) growth, monetary and fiscal policy, while also specifically covering recently implemented vehicle tax reforms. The vehicle tax reforms were announced along with other fiscal reforms during the 2018 budget statement speech. In regards to G...

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21 Mar 2018  |  Latin America

The Dominican Republic's Macroeconomic and Automotive Industry Prospects, Forecast to 2022

Country to Continue on a Robust GDP Growth Path; Much Needed Electricity Sector Reforms Almost Underway

This study explores the Dominican Republic’s macroeconomic prospects in regards to gross domestic product (GDP) growth, monetary and fiscal policy, and national plans, while also delving into the country’s automotive industry prospects in regards to government policies, new and used vehicle imports, and the electric mobility. The Dominican Re...

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This issue of High-Tech Materials presents material innovations in composites and 3D printing. The TOE covers biocomposites that can Impart high strength and lightweight characteristics, a high-performance engineering filament composed of industrial-grade modified acrylonitrile styrene acrylate, and monofilaments made from bio-based thermoplastics....

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16 Mar 2018  |  Europe

Emerging Europe Economic Tracker—Insights and Trends, Quarter 4, 2017

Domestic Demand Supports Strong Growth

Economies of the Emerging Europe are growing on a strong footing. The GDP is expected to increase by 3.42% in Q1 2018 from Q1 2017, and by 3.6% by end of 2018. The region is benefiting from buoyant labor markets and strong inflow of European structural funds apart from strong export demand from the Eurozone economy. The Czech economy grew by 4.7% ...

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