Macroeconomics Market Research Reports

Amidst increasing global volatility and changing market dynamics, keeping abreast of the latest macroeconomic developments and trends is vital to stay on top of your game. Timely macroeconomic inputs enable you to formulate proactive strategies vis-à-vis reactive strategies, helping you to better deal with challenges and even capitalize on opportunities arising from a volatile environment.

Frost & Sullivan’s Cross-Industries research enables you to continually track:


  • Country specific PESTLE Trends and implications
  • Economic and Industry Parameters
  • Pertinent Economic Issues
  • Emerging Growth Opportunities
  • Global Mega Trends

Time macroeconomic analysis accompanied by data projections helps in assessing global economic and investment conditions, decision making, and geographic expansion strategies.

  1. 04 Oct 2019  |  Global  |  Megatrends

    Future of Construction, Global, 2030

    Revolutionary Trends Impacting the State of Construction Industry

    The construction industry plays a major role in driving economic growth in major developed and developing countries and has a direct impact on world GDP. This makes it important to focus on some of the major shortfalls in the industry, such as its traditional ways of carrying out business and the shortage of skilled labor which has slowed down grow...


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  2. 30 Jul 2019  |  Global  |  Megatrends

    Data Monetization, Forecast 2018–2022

    Powering Innovation Through Data Monetization

    An increasing number of companies are starting to build data-driven strategies to fuel growth in the upcoming data economy. Though in its nascent stages, data monetization is having a huge effect on many industry verticals. Every company will, at some stage, transform into a data company through direct or indirect approaches. However, there is a la...


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  3. 16 Apr 2019  |  Global  |  Megatrends

    The Top Trends, 2019

    The Year of 5G, Autonomy, and the Edge

    This report looks at global trends set to make an impact in 2019. Every year Frost & Sullivan's Visionary Innovation Team of futurists, consultants, and analysts scans the short-term horizon and looks across industries to identify areas of disruption in the new year. This year, the power of technology and technology companies has emerged as a key t...


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  4. 28 Dec 2017  |  Global  |  Megatrends

    Smart Cities of India, 2016–2021

    Strategic Analysis of Six Prioritised Smart City Projects and Opportunities in India

    In order to sustain the rapid urbanization in India, the Government of India/Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) launched the “Smart City Mission” in 2015. Through the Smart City Mission, the Government of India announced its intention to develop 109 cities as Smart Cities over next 5 years. Smart Cities in next 5 years are expected to create ...


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  5. 15 Dec 2017  |  Global  |  Megatrends

    Smart City Scorecard

    Top Global Smart Cities Maturing by Building on Foundational Areas of Excellence

    The Visionary Innovation Group’s Smart City Scorecard highlights city initiatives that demonstrate key trends and innovations within the Smart City movement. The goal is to provide an overview of the pursuits cities are undertaking to ensure the sustainability, cohesiveness, and comprehensiveness of their Smart City strategies. City governments a...


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  6. 11 Oct 2017  |  Global  |  Megatrends

    Smart City Perspective By Key Regions

    Unbundling the Smart City Opportunity

    Increased urban penetration coupled with rapid expansion of cities have resulted in a lot more dependence on resources such as water, energy, environment, infrastructure and other basic utilities. This has also resulted in spikes in congestion and pollution. Such stress on city resources has forced government institutions and municipalities to look...


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