Macroeconomics Market Research Reports

Amidst increasing global volatility and changing market dynamics, keeping abreast of the latest macroeconomic developments and trends is vital to stay on top of your game. Timely macroeconomic inputs enable you to formulate proactive strategies vis-à-vis reactive strategies, helping you to better deal with challenges and even capitalize on opportunities arising from a volatile environment.

Frost & Sullivan’s Cross-Industries research enables you to continually track:


  • Country specific PESTLE Trends and implications
  • Economic and Industry Parameters
  • Pertinent Economic Issues
  • Emerging Growth Opportunities
  • Global Mega Trends

Time macroeconomic analysis accompanied by data projections helps in assessing global economic and investment conditions, decision making, and geographic expansion strategies.

  1. 30 Sep 2016  |  Global  |  Megatrends

    Future of Financial Services

    Growth in FinTech is Shaping the Future of Invisible Finance & Virtual Banking

    The financial services industry is on the brink of disruption, as the use of technology poses a challenge to market players and their existing products and services and associated costs. Thus it is important to revisit one of the oldest industries and re-conceptualize how it will thrive in the future aligning itself to looming social and technologi...


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  2. 30 Sep 2016  |  Global  |  Megatrends

    Analysis of Exoskeleton Technology Implementation in Future Factories

    Exoskeletons are Set to Play a Critical Role in Future Smart Factories

    Most factory environments are characterized by increased worker absenteeism arising from post-related injuries resulting in Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD). This in turn impacts the factory floor, in terms of increased costs arising from unsuitable factory environment, poor productivity and low-quality finished goods. The exoskeleton technology has...


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  3. 16 Sep 2016  |  Europe  |  Megatrends

    Strategic Analysis of BREXIT and its Implications to Industries, Economies and Societies

    Comprehensive View of 6 BREXIT Scenarios on Our Future

    As Europe battles unequal growth and environmental, economic, social, and political challenges, Britain has chosen to fight its challenges alone. This study puts forth a hypothetical timeline to the events that might unfold in the next five years and examines the potential trade models that may come to reality between Britain and the European Union...


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  4. 22 Aug 2016  |  Global  |  Megatrends

    The Next Frontier of Growth - Women as Corporate Customers

    What this Means for Business and Economies

    There have been significant, positive shifts in the approach to women’s roles in society around the world. More women are now moving to leadership positions, occupying more seats in the boardroom, scaling successful companies, and even making a successful political presence. Women can drive the world’s economy as they represent a growth market ...


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  5. 01 Aug 2016  |  Global  |  Market Research

    Inflation in Gulf Corporation Council, June 2016

    GCC Inflation Analysis

    The quarterly publication gives a detailed analysis on consumer price inflation in the GCC region along with an outlook on the expected movement in the prices during the coming months.


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  6. 29 Jul 2016  |  Europe  |  Market Research

    Emerging Europe Economic Tracker—Insights and Trends, Quarter 3, 2016

    BREXIT Perturbs Growth Sentiment, Economies in a Political Impasse

    The Q3 2016 outlook for the emerging European economies shows volatility, shaken by the BREXIT vote hitting investor sentiment as well as the financial market. The region is driven by strong domestic demand; however, the political deadlock created by the BREXIT referendum is likely to restrain growth. The Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland are fac...


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  7. 28 Jul 2016  |  Global  |  Market Research

    Uncovering Nepal—Exploring Trends and Emerging Growth Opportunities

    An Assessment of Nepal's Economic and Industry Potential

    Research Scope: Economic, Mega Trends, Industry, SWOT Analysis Geographic Scope: Nepal What makes this study unique? This study captures Nepal's growth and development on the economic and industrial front, covering key growth industries such as hydropower, tourism, transport infrastructure, cement, and healthcare. Key Questions Answered: ...


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  8. 27 Jul 2016  |  Global  |  Market Research

    India Macroeconomic Outlook 2016-17

    Innovation & Knowledge Centre–Economic Research

    The India macroeconomic outlook for 2016-17 examines the country's recent economic growth and prospects for 2016- 2017 and important driving forces on the demand and the supply side, as well as headwinds from adverse developments in global economy, which also affect fiscal positions and current accounts.


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  9. 25 Jul 2016  |  Europe  |  Market Research

    Emerging Europe Economic Tracker—Insights and Trends, Quarter 1, 2016

    Stable Growth Predicted Supported by Domestic Demand

    In Q1 2016, economies of the emerging European countries grew at a stable rate supported by improved private consumption, especially in the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland. Turkey’s growth is also supported by buoyant domestic demand, but the domestic political unrest has taken a heavy toll on the overall economy. Ukrainian economy might expe...


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  10. 25 Jul 2016  |  Europe  |  Market Research

    Emerging Europe Economic Tracker—Insights and Trends, Quarter 2, 2016

    Possibility of a Brexit Warrants Political Turmoil

    The Q2 2016 economic outlook for the emerging European economies shows mixed results. While domestic demand is driving the growth momentum in economies such as the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland, limited EU funding is likely to restrain short term growth. Turkey is also gaining momentum, political and geopolitical risks notwithstanding. Ukrain...


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