Medical Devices Market Research Reports

  1. 28 Sep 2015  |  North America  |  Technology Research

    Impact of Hybrid Imaging Platforms (TechVision)

    Combination of the best-of-both imaging modalities

    The term hybrid imaging essentially refers to hardware-based image fusion where two different imaging modalities are combined in a single equipment. As image fusion through the hardware approach offers several advantages over software-based image fusion, such as accuracy of image co-registration and ease of image fusion through a single scan sessio...

  2. 26 Dec 2014  |  North America  |  Technology Research

    Impact of Biosensing Technologies (Technical Insights)

    Biosensors-Newer Trends in Healthcare

    Biosensors are devices which sense biological signals/analyte and then use a transducer to change it to a corresponding electrical energy. Biosensors are differentiated based on the element being analyzed, primarily biological element comprising of enzymes, antibodies, microbes, proteins, etc. and the transducer type being used for analyzing such a...

  3. 15 Apr 2013  |  North America  |  Technology Research

    2013 Top Medical Device and Imaging Technologies (Technical Insights)

    The research service titled Top Medical Device and Imaging Technologies, is an update on the study done in the past year (D2F9 Top Medical Device and Imaging Technologies) that showcased medical technologies on the cusp of commercialization, both device and imaging centric, which hold the potential to possibly revolutionize the healthcare landsca...