Mobile and Wireless Communications Market Research Reports

Mobile & Wireless communications are going through digitization and decentralization of several processes through the cloud and IOT or the Internet of Things. These markets are characterized by rapidly changing technology, evolving customer demands, and the frequent introduction of new products and services. Fragmentation along the mobile & wireless value chain creates challenges for market participants to off true end-to-end solutions. Increased reliability, coverage, data speeds and interoperability are made possible through these technologies, driving the market to an evolved, highly competitive stage. Mobility with BYOD (Bring your own device) will become all-pervasive among enterprises and M2M or machine to machine communication a pre-requisite.

Frost & Sullivan’s Telecommunications research and consulting programs look evolutions of hardware and software, with focus on the services built on these technologies. This provides unique insights into the competitive dynamics of the market, detailed assessments of market opportunities, pricing strategies, demand trends, and technological developments, as well as applications and best practices for the industry. In the mobile and wireless communications segment, we look at:

  • Mobile messaging, office applications and sales
  • Value-added premium mobile content
  • Location-based services
  • Cloud automation
  • IoT or Internet of Things
  • Satellite communications
  • Mobile resource management

We work closely with the world’s leading telecom firms, hardware manufacturers, service providers, OEMs and new age disruptors to build tailored, customized solutions provide clients with the best strategies for growth, supported by the right key data points researched to meet the client’s needs and the specific engagement. Our research spans broadly across the sector and provides deep insights into specific markets in the most significant areas of enterprise and consumer telecommunications industry.

  1. 04 Mar 2024  |  Asia Pacific  |  Market Research

    Indonesian Financial Technology Growth Opportunities, Forecast to 2028

    Digital Payment Trends are Fueling the Industry s Growth Potential

    Indonesia is undergoing a paradigm shift toward a digital economy, actively integrating financial services and emerging technologies to drive growth. Increasing digitalization, a high internet penetration rate, and a conducive policy and regulatory environment that supports financial inclusion make financial technology (fintech) services a popular ...

  2. 20 Feb 2024  |  Asia Pacific  |  Market Research

    Growth Opportunities and Trends in the Asia-Pacific Digital Payment Market Forecast to 2027

    Transformative Mega Trends Enabling Growth and Innovation

    The growing use of digital payments in Asia-Pacific (APAC) paves the way for innovation and new use cases that address user pain points payment solutions, such as self-checkout, enhance customer experience while software point-of-sale (softPOS) accelerates the merchant onboarding process. The APAC market will become more aware of the benefits of ne...

  3. 08 Jul 2013  |  Asia Pacific  |  Market Research

    ASEAN Chief Information Officer Survey

    Business Support Systems

    The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Chief Information Officer Survey study provides a regional view of the telecommunication market and the business support systems (BSS) market landscape. The study analyzes and presents the results of interviews with heads of information technology (IT) and BSS on drivers associated with their BSS i...


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  4. 11 Jun 2013  |  Asia Pacific  |  Market Research

    Asia-Pacific Business Support System Market Vendor Update

    The Growth of Policy Management

    The Market Insight provides a regional view of the business support system (BSS) market landscape. The study analyzes the drivers and restraints associated with BSS adoption, and provides market statistics for the BSS cells market in the region. Also analyzed in the study is the market share of leading BSS vendors. An analysis of the strengths and ...


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  5. 02 May 2013  |  Asia Pacific  |  Market Research

    The Coming Data Deluge

    The Advent of Big Data for Communications Service Providers

    The Coming Data Deluge study provides an overview of Big Data and its implications to communication service providers. The study analyzes the drivers and challenges associated with Big Data and analytics adoption. The study also provides a view of some of the opportunities available to communication service providers, as well as growing their reven...


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  6. 08 Apr 2013  |  Asia Pacific  |  Market Research

    Global Analysis of the Smartphones Market

    Who's Winning the Necessary Regional Battles?

    Mobile and wireless is one of the fastest growing industries today and is expected to continue to be the technology catalyst in the coming years as well. At the center of this booming growth are smartphones. This study discusses the major market dynamics and technology trends that are shaping the smartphone industry, while also driving growth. The ...


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  7. 01 Feb 2013  |  Asia Pacific  |  Market Research

    2011 Australian Mobile Communications Market Outlook

    Market Sees a Further Shift from Voice to Data

    The Australian telecommunications market is a typically mature market in a developed country. The mobile communications market in Australia, following other developed economies, is continuing to see a further shift in focus from voice to more data-orientated services, and this is driven by increasing smartphone adoption and faster networks. Meanwhi...


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  8. 01 Feb 2013  |  Asia Pacific  |  Market Research

    2011 Mobile Communications Market Outlook in Vietnam

    Strong Market Dominance of State-owned Telecommunications Operators a Challenge for New Entrants

    The Vietnam telecom industry slowed down significantly in 2010, as the mobile communications market had begun to saturate. Mobile penetration rate stood at 128.0 percent in 2010. With few subscribers to sustain growth, direct price competition has been the main strategy of mobile operators. The slowdown in mobile subscriber growth also resulted in ...


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