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28 May 2019  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Company Profile of Ola, 2019

Ola, eHailing Market Leader in India, is Eyeing the Next Level of Growth Through Market as well as Service Expansions

The aim of this study is to profile Ola, which is the leading eHailing company in India and has the largest network of services spanning more than 169 cities. The study aims to evaluate and present the company’s present performance and analyze its future in the mid and long terms. The study offers insights into Ola’s strategies, future growth o...

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09 Apr 2019  |  Asia Pacific

Company Profile of Grab

Grab, the Leader in the eHailing Market in Southeast Asia, has about 95% Share of the Taxi eHailing Market and about 71% Share of the Private Car eHailing Market

This study aims to profile Grab, presently a leader in eHailing and other services across Southeast Asia (SEA). It also purposes to evaluate and present the company’s present performance and analyze its future in the medium and long terms. It offers insights into the company’s strategies and future growth opportunities, and makes predictions wi...

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02 Apr 2019  |  North America

Global Shared and Autonomous Mobility Industry Outlook, 2019

Shared Mobility Market Outlined by Electro Mobility, Billion Dollar Investments, IPO’s, and Autonomous Mobility

This research service analyzes the global mobility market and discusses the 2019 outlook. The study deals with the evolving business models in the shared mobility space, market consolidations and partnerships, key market trends etc. This study will benefit automotive value chain participants, including mobility service providers, OEMs, car rental a...

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18 Dec 2018  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Strategic Analysis of the Indian Western Dedicated Rail Freight Corridor and Its Impact on Indian Logistics, 2017–2041

Freight Flows in India to be Revolutionised With Modern Facilities and State-of-the-art Equipment

With the construction of the Western Dedicated Freight Corridor (WDFC), India would explore new opportunities along the corridor to best utilise its capacity and efficiency in the transportation of freight. Indian cold chain logistics will benefit from this due to the demand for fresh produce to be conveniently delivered to end users at their door ...

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11 Dec 2018  |  Europe

Car Sharing Market in Poland, Forecast to 2020

Rapid Growth Expected to Increase Fleet Size Almost Threefold

The car sharing market in Poland was established in late 2015, when GoGet started the fleet of 5 vehicles in Wroclaw, a city in Western Poland. In 2016, car rental companies recognized the opportunity of adopting a car sharing business model from Western Europe. During the same year, the car sharing fleet rose to 155 vehicles and 2 new participants...

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07 Dec 2018  |  North America

Strategic Insight into the Global P2P Carsharing Market, 2018

Growing Investments and Increased OEM Interest in Peer-to-peer Carsharing Services is Set to Drive Global Market Revenues Beyond $7 Billion by 2030

Peer-to-peer (P2P) carsharing has turned out to be one of the most innovative approaches to shared mobility today. With increasing environmental concerns and changing trends towards vehicle ownership, the P2P model has brought a whole new perspective to mobility and showcases one of the best examples of collaborative consumption today. In the last...

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07 Sep 2018  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Saudi Arabia Logistics Industry—Growth Insights, Forecast to 2024

Economic Diversification Initiatives, Investments towards Developing Logistics Infrastructure such as Multimodal Hubs, and Logistics Parks are Expected to Support Growth of Industry Segments

The logistics industry in Saudi Arabia is evolving rapidly to meet the dynamic demands of customers, changing industrial landscape, and expansion of trade. Economic diversification initiatives, tax policy reforms, and FDI policies are encouraging open economy and private investment. Technology advancements and the nation’s vision on economic dive...

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04 Sep 2018  |  North America

Mobility and Other Downstream Services Market, Forecast to 2030

OEM and Service Provider Revenue from Downstream Services will Exceed $3 Trillion by 2030

Digital disruption is set to revolutionize the automotive industry. The value is shifting from individual consumption to collaborative consumption. OEMs are embracing this trend and are looking at alternative sources of revenue, such as shared mobility, connected car services, financial services, and logistics services. The demand for shared mobi...

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18 Jul 2018  |  North America

Intelligent Mobility, 2018

New Mobility Business Models and Digital Transformation of the Automotive Industry

This research study focuses on providing all the presentations from Frost & Sullivan's two-day workshop event held in July 2018 in London, called Intelligent Mobility. These include presentations from Frost & Sullivan Europe team and a host of other companies, such as Daimler, BMW, Volkswagen, DHL, Omoove, Otonomo, BlaBlaCar and more. The focus of ...

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25 May 2018  |  Asia Pacific

Profiles of Key e-Hailing Companies in ASEAN, 2018

Grab is the Market Leader in Southeast Asia with ~90% Share. Addressable Market for e-Hailing is Likely to Grow to ~$30 Billion by 2022

The e-hailing market in the ASEAN is showing clear signs of growth and is likely to emerge as a key mode of transport in the region in short to medium term. Urban areas are expected to be the primary segment for e-hailing apps in the ASEAN. The younger population of smartphone users are likely to be the key target market. Several participants have ...

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