New Mobility

Frost & Sullivan’s New Mobility team tracks the global mobility innovation market with industry specific insights on the shift toward car as a service and the implication of new technologies on the transportation landscape of the future. We are witnessing a shift from private transport as the only means of mobility, to a more door to door and integrated approach to mobility; Mega trends like urbanization, pollution, Congestion, Connectivity, Globalization is powering the shift from private vehicles to new business models like carsharing, carpooling, ride hailing, Integrated Mobility, dynamics shuttles etc. Technology enabled, any device can deliver real-time, door-to-door, multi-modal travel encompassing pre-trip, in trip and post-trip services bringing Convenience, Time & Cost Savings to the Mobility User.

The Frost & Sullivan New Mobility Program Area looks at the Disruptive and sustaining trends such as:

  • Dedicated focus on elements like Mega Trends Impacting Mobility, Mobility Integration, New Mobility business models like car sharing, Corporate Mobility and New mobility products and services and Smart Cities
  • Global New Mobility strategies: Macro to Micro analysis on impact of each mega trend to specific mobility business models like carsharing, ridesharing, ridehailing, DRT etc. , focus on future emerging technologies such as electrification, automation and connectivity at play leading to transformative growth in  transportation industry by 2025
  • Business Focus: Market/Product Entry Strategies, Market Expansion Strategies, Competitive Benchmarking, Market Potential Assessment, Business Planning/ Modeling, Channel Management, Mergers & Acquisitions
  1. 16 Oct 2015  |  Asia Pacific

    Future of Mobility in India, Malaysia, and Indonesia

    Government Investments and Rapid Urbanization to Drive Growth of Mobility Services in the Emerging APAC Market

    The research service provides a strategic overview of the mobility solutions currently available in India, Malaysia, and Indonesia. It focusses on the current trends and developments in each region and offers a comparative analysis based on factors such as urbanization and demography. The study covers mobility services such as carsharing, rideshari...

  2. 30 Sep 2015  |  Global

    Strategic Analysis of the Vehicle-sharing Technologies Market

    Virtual Keys and Automated Driving Solutions Will Be the Driving Trends in the Vehicle-sharing Technologies Market

    Vehicle-sharing technology over the years has evolved from simple manual systems to increasingly complex computer-based systems. From factory-installed to aftermarket, there is a wide range of technology service providers offering solutions to carsharing operators. CSO’s in North America are more advanced when it comes to adoption of vehicle-shar...

  3. 15 Jun 2015  |  North America

    Strategic Analysis of the European and North American Peer-to-Peer Carsharing Market

    Changing Consumer Habits, Cost Saving Potential, and Enabling Technology Aid Growth

    This research service offers a strategic insight into the peer-to-peer (P2P) carsharing market, with snapshots of the emerging business models associated with traditional and P2P carsharing. The study examines the growth of carsharing from 2013, and provides growth forecasts for membership, number of vehicles, and revenue in North America and Europ...

  4. 09 Apr 2015  |  North America

    Strategic Analysis of Smart Parking Market in Europe and North America

    Smart Parking Revenue is Expected to Grow at a CAGR of 17.9% to Reach $43.084 Billion in 2025

    The study analyses smart parking systems and their influence on the parking industry through technology-enabled parking solutions. It describes the ecosystem and market size for smart parking in Europe and North America, and analyzes the strategies of major parking operators, and parking app, infrastructure, and parking management companies. It als...

  5. 01 Apr 2015  |  Global

    Outlook of the Global Automotive Industry in 2015

    Market to Surpass 91 Million and New Vehicle Segments to Evolve

    The year 2015 is expected to witness global light vehicle sales surpassing 90 million units, with growth in the US and Europe market balancing the slowdown in the emerging markets. Ridesharing, intelligent mobility, and Big Data analytics are key trends that will influence the market in 2015. This research analyzes the emerging market trends and ma...

  6. 09 Mar 2015  |  North America

    Opportunities in the Global Taxi Market

    Global Taxi Market to Grow from 4 Million Vehicles in 2014 to 5 Million Vehicles by 2020

    Growth in the taxi market is expected to be driven by government intervention, particularly with respect to regulations and subsidies to shift to greener technologies. The adoption of alternate fuels is rising as cities begin enforcing more stringent emission regulations to control pollution. The advent of eHailing has changed customer perceptions ...