Nuclear Power

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The research service presents an in-depth analysis of the nuclear power sector in Europe. It includes an analysis of the total European power and energy market, but particularly analysis the nuclear sector in the EU. It provides a brief notes on representative examples of growth countries, states without nuclear power and phase-out countries. It ex...

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09 Oct 2012  |  Europe

European Nuclear Power Sector - Trends and Opportunities

Despite Fukushima, Nuclear will Play an Active Role in Europe's Energy Mix

Meeting energy needs while achieving security of supply and minimising carbon emissions are key challenges facing most countries. Although nuclear is gaining support in Europe, its significance varies among European countries. While some states are not willing to take risks and are opposed to nuclear (such as Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Belgium...

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26 Dec 2013  |  North America

Nuclear Power Policy Analysis of Global Top 10 Countries

Policies Governing the Nuclear Power Industry Witness Revisions Post-Fukushima Accident

This market insight covers the current state and future potential of the nuclear power industry in the top 10 key global countries. It presents the policies governing the nuclear power industry and their impact on the forecast period. It provides a detailed analysis of the funding and economic situation for the nuclear power industry.

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This issue profiles nuclear power and supercapacitors/ultracapacitors.

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