Oil & Gas Market Research Reports

Oil and Gas industry is a highly dynamic industry which is impacted by a variety of forces such as Geopolitics, Regulations, Supply and Demand, and Price fluctuations. As the industry undergoes massive changes, we at Frost & Sullivan track these changes across upstream, midstream and downstream sectors and try to assess the impact these forces have on the market and on the market participants. Frost & Sullivan’s Oil & Gas Market Program provides clients with in-depth research and analysis on industry trends, market research and forecasts, customized consulting, and insights into emerging and groundbreaking technologies. We use market engineering research, market insights, analyst briefings, and economic research and analysis and outlook studies to help deliver business value to client and drive transformation of the clients business. Our Program Area looks at the following trends in the market

·     Equipment market for extraction, processing and refining

·     Conventional and Unconventional fuels (shale, oil sands, offshore and onshore)

·     Oil Field Service markets

·     Digital oil fields

·     Subsea trends and markets

  1. 21 Sep 2017  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa  |  Market Research

    Global Oil Markets Outlook, 2017

    Gasoline demand is likely to be driven by emerging markets while developed economies move toward fuel efficient / electric vehicles

    With the current drop in crude oil prices, major suppliers of crude oil are looking to diversify their oil and gas portfolios to include refinery products and petrochemicals. Some older refineries in Europe have also temporarily become profitable to operate. Further, the success of Shale Gas and Oil has created self-sufficiency in the US and is p...


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  2. 12 Dec 2013  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa  |  Market Research

    Power Infrastructure Tracker in Northern Africa

    Can the Region Diversify its Energy Mix Away from Fossil Fuels to the Benefit of Renewable Energies?

    Northern African countries need significant investments in their power infrastructure, as existing infrastructure cannot meet the increasing power demand. However, since early 2011, the year of the start of the Arab spring protests, instability in the region has been high, particularly in Libya, Egypt, and Tunisia. This political instability, causi...


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  3. 04 Mar 2013  |  Latin America  |  Market Research

    The Natural Gas Power Plant Market in Brazil

    The Challenge of Supply Implies Potentially Low Market Growth

    The natural gas power plant market in Brazil is facing a period of stagnation because of uncertainty in the supply and pricing of natural gas. This market engineering research service analyzes the natural gas power plant market in Brazil by considering both the effect uncertain supplies of natural gas have on the market and the potential optimism s...


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