1. 05 Aug 2011  |  Asia Pacific

    Analysis of the Orthopedics Implant Market - Future of Joint Replacements

    Moving forward with the Singaporean Orthopedics Implant Market

    The research service has been developed to address the need for real-time market intelligence on the dynamics of orthopedics implants and market trends in Singapore. The market is divided into four segments  knee, hips, shoulder, and ankle implants. This research service presents the key findings of the Singaporean orthopedics market. It provides ...

  2. 21 Jan 2011  |  Asia Pacific

    South Korean Orthopedics Implant Market


    This study covers the state of the South Korean orthopedics implant market, examining drivers and restraints for growth, regulatory issues, age, income and gender influence on market, hospital and workforce analysis, technology, geographical and market trends. Following from these, market revenue and growth rate for four market segments are provide...