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  1. 19 Sep 2014  |  Asia Pacific  |  Market Research

    ANZ Energy Management Services (EMS) Market in the Industrial Sector

    Improvement in Performance and Economics of Energy Provide Growth Opportunities

    The energy management services (EMS) market is in a growth phase in Australia and New Zealand. The deregulation in the energy industry has resulted in the prices of energy being dependent on demand and supply forces. EMS plays a major role as end users seek to stabilize energy costs in their organization. The level of awareness contributes to its c...

  2. 11 Sep 2014  |  North America  |  Market Research

    Strategic View of the North American Equipment Rental Market in the Oil and Gas Industry

    Economic Efficiency and US Quest for Energy Independence Propels Growth

    The North American region is a large consumer for the rental oil and gas industry. Technological advances, local energy policies, and environmental regulations ensure consistent growth in the oil and gas industry. This market insight covers the current state and future potential of the upstream, midstream, and downstream North American equipment r...

  3. 04 Sep 2014  |  North America  |  Market Research

    Strategic View of the North American Conventional vs. Unconventional Oil and Gas Market

    The Need for Cost-effective Solutions Creates Opportunities for a Competitive Business Model

    North America is a large consumer of oil and gas. Historically, the United States heavily depended on foreign oil. The landscape is gradually changing, however, providing the United States more self-sufficiency via its vast available resources in coal-bed methane and shale gas formations. This market insight covers the current state and potential o...

  4. 04 Sep 2014  |  Asia Pacific  |  Market Research

    Business Case Analysis for Energy Storage Systems for Utilities in Asia-Pacific

    Evolving Landscape of Power Generation and Supply Management will Encourage Deployment of ESS at Grid Level

    This study covers the factors that will drive the adoption of ESS at grid level in countries such as Australia, China, India, Japan, and South Korea. The study also comments on the present and upcoming storage technologies that will be commercially viable for energy storage at grid and power utilities level. The study evaluates different applicatio...

  5. 21 Aug 2014  |  Africa  |  Market Research

    The South African Electricity IndustryISMO and the Road to Reform

    The First Step Towards the End of Eskom's Monopoly

    Opening up the power generation sector to independent power producers is imperative as Eskom has shown some of its limits, such as severe funding shortfall, an extremely tight power system, and new-build projects being continuously delayed while power demand shoots. The dominant position of Eskom in power generation, transmission, and distribution ...

  6. 08 Jul 2014  |  Global  |  Market Research

    Procurement Best Practices of Power Generation Utilities

    Power Utilities Move from Cost- to Value-based Procurement to Gain Supply Chain Efficiencies

    This research service focuses on the evolving material and services procurement practices of major power generation utilities globally. It provides an in-depth analysis on the evolving procurement practices in power utilities and discusses common challenges. Based on the on-going transformations in procurement practices, this research offers a glim...

  7. 16 Jun 2014  |  Europe  |  Market Research

    Latest Developments and Forecasts for the European Diesel Gen-Sets Market

    Emergence of New Technologies and Resurgence of the Construction Sector Will Further Drive Stand-by Power Demand

    Energy security is the key demand driver for onsite stand-by power needs in the European region. Grid instability and power outages due to the capacity overload in the Eastern countries along with the stand-by demand for intermittent renewable power sources in Western regions continue to drive the need for onsite power generation technology such as...

  8. 15 Apr 2014  |  North America  |  Market Research

    Dual Fuel Generator Sets Outlook

    The Need for Cost-effective Solutions Creates Opportunities for a Competitive Business Model

    The global aim of reducing carbon emissions and protecting the environment is expected to boost the proportion of energy coming from green sources and support the shift from diesel to natural gas. This market insight covers the current state and future potential of the dual fuel gensets market in the top 3 key global countries. It presents the tren...

  9. 31 Mar 2014  |  Asia Pacific  |  Market Research

    Impact of Urbanisation on the Electricity Sector

    Innovative TechnologiesFrom Low- To No-CarbonTo Play a Critical Role to Address Challenges of Urbanisation

    This research service covers the ongoing developments in the Asia-Pacific electricity sector due to the impact of several mega trendsthe main one being urbanization. As cities emerge to be the largest consumers of goods and services, the strain on physical infrastructure is throwing up significant challenges to city planners. To sustain the econom...

  10. 05 Feb 2014  |  Asia Pacific  |  Market Research

    2014 Outlook on Asia-Pacific Power Systems and Batteries

    Customers Want Solutions over Products

    End-user trends, regional developments, new technologies, company strategies, and industry challenges make 2014 a defining year for batteries and power systems. This research provides major predictions for the power systems and batteries markets for the year 2014. A comprehensive analysis of developments in major end-user segments, regional develop...