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  1. 17 Jan 2018  |  Europe

    European Over-the-top (OTT) Video Services Market, October 2017

    European OTT Video Service Providers Pursuing Market Share Goals Through Strategic Partnerships and Technology Investments

    The European Over-the-top (OTT) video executive brief captures the key market highlights of the OTT video services market in Europe over the last quarter, based on Frost & Sullivan’s industry tracker. It gives an insight into the market scenario and growth prospects for key market participants and new entrants and the impact of triple-play and qu...

  2. 12 Jun 2017  |  Europe

    Over-the-top (OTT) Video/Video-on-demand (VOD) Executive Brief, Europe, 2017

    Frost & Sullivan's Tracker Finds High Level of Activity in the OTT/on-demand Video Services Market in Europe in Financial Investments, New Features an

    The Executive brief captures the key market highlights of the OTT Video Industry in Europe over the last year. With over 450+ video service providers in the region, the fragmented ecosystem has driven innovation in the form of several advanced value added features and innovative business models. The European OTT market is undergoing major transform...

  3. For years, analysts and contact centre professionals have been talking about the obvious advantages of using video to deliver a more modern and refined customer experience. It has taken a long time for this idea to come to fruition, and video has mainly been used as a source of information for agents or as content assets to be shared with customers...