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In this research the Eastern European market for sealants whose primary function is to fill a space between two substrates is considered. A key consideration for inclusion in this category is the flexible nature of the cured product. As such products such as foams and fully-hardening putties are excluded. A flexible sealant may provide some bond...

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25 Feb 2013  |  Global

Strategic Analysis of the Global Intumescent Coatings Market

The Oil and Gas Sector Will Drive Growth

This study analyses and evaluates the global market for intumescent coatings between 2008 and 2018. It presents an overview of the passive fire protection market, focusing on the construction and oil and gas industries. Additionally, it discusses current trends and future expectations. The research study also analyses hydrocarbon and cellulosic int...

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07 Mar 2013  |  Africa

Low-cost Construction Materials Market in South Africa and Kenya

Building Materials are Sought to Reduce Building Costs and Enhance Environmental Benefits

This research service focuses on providing an overview of key construction materials including concrete blocks, steel roof trusses, and thermal insulation material, especially for the low-cost construction materials market in South Africa and Kenya. Competitive analysis, supply chain analysis and key market drivers and restraints that affect the co...

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30 Jan 2014  |  Africa

Analysis of the Thermoset Resins Market in South Africa and Kenya

Opportunity for Entry or Expansion

The research analyses the thermoset resins market in South Africa and Kenya with a base year of 2012, forecasted to 2017. The executive summary provides an overview of the 2 markets as a total, highlighting key metrics. The most relevant mega trends are discussed for this research. Market drivers and restraints are explained for each country separa...

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30 May 2013  |  Africa

Analysis of the South African and Nigerian Thermal Insulation Materials Market

Is Nigeria the Next Growth Frontier?

The research service covers the South African and Nigerian thermal insulation materials market. This study explores growth opportunities and the main driving forces that include rising energy costs, construction activity, as well as legislation passed. The thermal insulation materials industry is highly fragmented. Both primary and secondary source...

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27 Jun 2013  |  North America

Strategic Analysis of the Protective and Marine Coatings Market and the Resins Markets

Improving Industry Performance in the Face of Rising Costs

This study provides a 360-degree perspective on the North American and European markets in 2012 for protective and marine coatings market and the resins market. Drivers and restraints for each of the 7 main industry verticals (oil and gas, water treatment, power generation, marine, manufacturing, infrastructure, and commercial architecture) have be...

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21 May 2014  |  Global

Analysis of the Global LED Materials Market

Growth for Chemicals as Raw Materials to Outstrip Growth in the LED Market Itself

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are the main type of solid-state lighting (SSL) that are currently replacing older lighting technologies such as incandescent lamps, halogen tubes, and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). The LED market offers a wide range of opportunities for chemical companies because chemicals and materials are required at all stages o...

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28 Sep 2018  |  Global

Self-healing Coatings: Opportunity Analysis

Automotive, Aerospace, and Oil & Gas Industries Drive Adoption of Self-healing Coatings

The research service titled, “Self-healing Coatings: Opportunity Analysis” provides an overview of self-healing coatings, its need, different mechanisms for achieving self-healing action as well as the key differentiating factors compared to other protective coatings. It also covers the key drivers and challenges of the sector as well as the me...

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17 Oct 2018  |  Global

Global Engineering Plastics Market, Forecast to 2024

Demand from Asia Anticipated to Drive Global Growth

This research service analyses the market for global engineering plastics. The main segments covered by product types are ABS, Polycarbonate, polyamides, polyesters, POM , PMMA, and others. In terms of end-user applications the market has been segmented into electrical & electronics, automotive, medical, consumer goods, packaging, construction, and...

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30 Oct 2018  |  Global

Measurement While Drilling (MWD) – Patenting and Technology Development Trends

Transformation of MWD in the Oil and Gas Sector is Driven by Innovations in Sensors and Telemetry

Measurement while drilling technology is a critical part of the oilfield drilling operations as it enables the driller to achieve precise well placement by efficient steering the drill bit in planned well path to reach the target in shortest possible time. Real-time formation evaluation measurements transmitted to the surface while drilling helps o...

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