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15 Mar 2012  |  Latin America

Engineering Polymers for the Construction Market in Brazil

A Strategic Look in a Promising Market led by Infrastructure Investments

The Brazilian engineering plastic demand for construction is growing and will keep growing rapidly in the next years, especially in the big cities, driven by the infrastructure works for the the World Cup and Olympic Games. This will represent an opportunity for manufactures to diversify and reduce dependency from the automotive sector. There is a ...

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15 Jun 2012  |  Latin America

Analysis of the Engineering Polymers Market in Argentina

 Import Restrictions are Likely to Increase Demand

The engineering polymers market in Argentina is growing because of an increase in local production due to imports restraints, traditional materials replacement, eco-friendly trends, performance improvement and new products development. This research service covers the market's current situation, its growth drivers, restraints, and competitive fact...

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The study analyses the high performance polymers market in Europe. These are high value low volume niches, which offer the supplier with high margins - a rare commodity in the plastics world faced with rampant price increases

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The markets for polymers and composites in aerospace applications have been on a very high growth path since the early 2000's, with the introduction of game changing aircraft models such as Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Recent market conditions, including the high price of aircraft fuel and the need to improve the fuel efficiency of aircra...

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