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The study analyses the high performance polymers market in Europe. These are high value low volume niches, which offer the supplier with high margins - a rare commodity in the plastics world faced with rampant price increases

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27 Feb 2008  |  North America

U.S. Fluoropolymers Markets

This research service analyzes the United States market for fluoropolymers. The segments covered in this research service include PTFE, FEP, PVDF, Fluoroelastomers, ETFE, PFA, PCTFE and other smaller volume fluoropolymers. Major drivers, restraints and market challenges are discussed in detail. Apart from describing drivers and restraints and how t...

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This research service profiles important emerging developments and trends related to thermally conductive polymers for thermal management applications across different sectors including electronics, appliances, food, medical and so on.

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20 Jun 2008  |  North America

U.S. Polymers in Personal Care Market

Polymers form an integrated and vital component of modern personal care products. The United States market for polymers in personal care is experiencing moderate growth in revenues due to increasing retail prices, product innovation and differentiation activities and the advancements in the fashion choices of consumers. This Frost & Sullivan study...

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The markets for polymers and composites in aerospace applications have been on a very high growth path since the early 2000's, with the introduction of game changing aircraft models such as Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Recent market conditions, including the high price of aircraft fuel and the need to improve the fuel efficiency of aircra...

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31 Dec 2008  |  North America

U.S. Polymers in Medical Tubing and Catheters

The report focuses on the volume of major polymers used for medical tubing and catheter applications. It enlists the major drivers and restraints, which would have a major impact on the market for polymers used in medical tubing production. The report also includes the forecast for polymers in medical tubing by volume, along with some strategic rec...

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27 May 2009  |  North America

U.S. Polymers in Medical Devices Market

The study gives an insight into the major polymers - commodity, engineering and high performance - that are used in the production of medical devices, in the United States. A detailed analysis of the applications, production by volume and revenues have been included as part of the report. In order to understand market trends better, the growth rate...

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29 Dec 2011  |  Global

Advances in Stimuli Responsive Polymers--Emerging Application Trends (Technical Insights)

Technology Benchmarking and Stakeholder (Innovator) Analysis

This research service provides a comprehensive overview of the technological advancements in the Stimuli Responsive Polymers. It covers technology capability, technology trends, value-chain analysis, technology adoption cycle, and demand side analysis of the technologies based on Stimuli Responsive Polymers . Further, it focuses on life-cycle anal...

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02 Mar 2012  |  North America

Mexican Market for Engineering Polymers in the Automotive Industry

Insights, Challenges, and Competitive Analysis

The Mexican market for engineering polymers in the automotive industry has already recovered from the 2008 economic crisis and it is still growing thanks to new investments, traditional materials replacement, eco-friendly trends, performance improvement and new products development. This report covers the market's actual situation, its growth drive...

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12 Mar 2012  |  Europe

Polymers in Sports and Leisure Equipment

This Market Insight aims to give a quantitative and qualitative understanding of the materials in the sports and leisure equipment market in Europe. The research examines industry challenges and market drivers and restraints. A breakdown by polymer type, performance characteristics, and applications is included. Value chain and growth opportunity a...

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