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12 Mar 2012  |  Europe

Polymers in Sports and Leisure Equipment

This Market Insight aims to give a quantitative and qualitative understanding of the materials in the sports and leisure equipment market in Europe. The research examines industry challenges and market drivers and restraints. A breakdown by polymer type, performance characteristics, and applications is included. Value chain and growth opportunity a...

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Smart polymers or stimuli responsive polymers are high performance materials that are sensitive to external changes such as light, temperature, pH, and electrical/magnetic field. These polymers are tough, easy to process, and flexible. They can retain their normal shape and properties once the stimuli are removed. These polymers can change their ph...

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Conductive polymers are a special class of polymers/plastic with electrical conductivity. Applications requiring conductive properties while also demanding other benefits of common plastic materials can take advantage of these electrically conductive plastics. Research is in advanced development stage for inherently conductive polymers, whereas pol...

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This issue profiles studying yeast survival at high temperatures for good tasting beer, production of bio-based polymers from lignin, and a technique that enables elimination of rootstock regrowth.

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