Power Generation

Power Generation research team publishes comprehensive research reports on a range of markets. Each commercial report published by us provide data and insights on market estimates, competitive analysis and benchmarking, industry and technological trends, tables, charts and market size forecast for 5 to 7 years. Type of engagement platform we offer to clients include market engineering research, market insights and white papers, movers and shakers interview, economic research and analysis, market outlook studies, mega trend topics, customer surveys and issue based deliverables. Our broad spectrum of market coverage includes surveys and issue based deliverables.

Power Generation Market Coverage Includes

  • Turbines (Gas, and Steam)
  • Generator Sets (Diesel, and Gas)
  • Power Rentals
  • Solar (CSP, PV and so on)
  • Wind Turbines
  • Biofuels market (bioethanol, biodiesel and biomass)
  • Waste to Energy
  • Power Plant Services Market (Steam turbines, gas turbines, wind turbines, & boilers)
  • Fuel Cells
  • Heat Recovery Steam Generator

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14 May 2013  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Analysis of the Sri Lanka Diesel Genset Market

Rising Opportunities from Hospitality and Infrastructure Sectors

The Sri Lanka diesel genset market is growing due to major growth across end user segments such as real estate, hospitality, infrastructure, and industries. The Sri Lanka diesel genset market is significantly dominated by Indian suppliers, along with a mix of multinational suppliers. Prominent suppliers that import gensets from China, India, and Eu...

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21 May 2013  |  Europe

Analysis of the Top 25 Fastest Growing Power Producers in the Turkish Market

The Power Supply Champions of Today and the Future

The power generation landscape in Turkey has been changing, fuelled by a rapidly rising energy demand, on-going liberalization, and a move of many new companies into the sector. Dynamic and diversified, a pool of power generation companies is likely to undergo changes in the near future resulting in a more consolidated power generation industry str...

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22 May 2013  |  Europe

Opportunities in the Biomass and Biogas Power Market in Europe

Reduced Government Incentives Impact the European Biopower Market

The European biopower market is undergoing a transformation as governments in many countries reduce the financial incentives for biopower generation. In addition, European policies and legislation will be strong driving forces in this market. This research service focuses on two energy sources, namely biogas and biomass, which will be shaped by the...

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10 Jun 2013  |  Europe

Central and Eastern European Diesel Generator Set Market

European Union Funding in Infrastructure Drives the Demand

This research service provides a detailed analysis of the Central and Eastern European diesel generator set market. It includes market forecasts, factors driving and restraining market growth, country-analysis, power range analysis, and competitor market share analysis. Both unit and revenue forecasts have been given for the period 20112018. Count...

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21 Jun 2013  |  North America

Mexican Market For Diesel Generators

State-of-the-art Solutions Meet Growing Electricity Demands

The total diesel generator market in Mexico is growing because of increasing activity in the oil and gas, mining, and construction industries. However, emerging technologies threaten these growth trends. This research service presents an in-depth analysis of the Mexican diesel generator market. It covers topics such as industry challenges and trend...

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03 Jul 2013  |  Africa

Investment Plans for Power Utilities in Sub-Saharan Africa

Increased Investment in Power Networks to Boost Economic Growth Potential

This study highlights targets and projects that are being planned and implemented by key power utilities in five Sub-Saharan African countries, namely, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya and Zambia. The research service also discusses the key challenges faced by the industry in each country with respect to increasing capacity and electricity tariffs, ...

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12 Jul 2013  |  North America

Annual Renewable Energy Outlook 2013

Growing Shift Towards Emerging Regions

Renewable energy has made strong advances in the power generation fuel mix in many developed and developing nations in the past decade. Energy-hungry nations are increasingly turning to renewables in order to meet their rapidly increasing demand. While some better established sources of renewable power, such as small hydro, biomass, wind, and incre...

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17 Jul 2013  |  Latin America

Analysis of the Andean Region's Renewable Energy Market

New Projects Shift the Nascent Market toward a Growing Phase

This research service examines the renewable energy generation market in the Andean Region, which is divided into the following segments: small hydropower, biomass generation, solar photovoltaic power generation and wind power. The region will have a significant growth due to commissioning of wind and solar photovoltaic power plants in the short te...

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22 Jul 2013  |  Africa

South Africa Renewable Energy Project Tracker

Establishing a Sustainable Renewable Energy Market in South Africa

South Africa has a high level renewable energy (RE) potential available. As stipulated in the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) 20102030, 3,725 MW must be generated from RE sources in South Africa. The Renewable Energy Independent Power Purchase Procurement Programme (REIPPP) was introduced to contribute towards the target of 3,725 MW. After delays o...

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22 Jul 2013  |  North America

Analysis of the Global Solar Power Market

Photovoltaic (PV) Installations Make Progress in Becoming Mainstream Energy Source

Solar energy has become, and will continue to be, one of the fastest growing technologies in the global energy industry as a consequence of rising energy prices, volatility of fuel costs, and government incentives for renewable energy. This research service analyzes the global solar power market. Revenue and installed capacity forecasts to 2016 are...

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