1. 23 Mar 2017  |  North America  |  Market Research

    Analysis of the Global Academic Devices Market, Forecast to 2022

    Proliferation of Low-cost Devices, Hyperconnectivity, and Increase in Non-traditional Students is Driving Global Adoption of Academic Devices

    Academic devices are a central part of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the education ecosystem; they create a personalized learning experience for students and give them access to digital learning solutions to meet their learning needs. The global academic devices market crossed $12.93 billion in revenue in 2016 and is expected to grow to $38.54 bi...


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  2. 22 Nov 2016  |  North America  |  Market Research

    Global Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale Terminals Market, Forecast to 2022

    Secure and Multi-functional Mobile Terminals Drive Market Growth Across Regions

    This study provides an in-depth analysis of the global electronic funds transfer at point of sale (EFTPOS) terminals market. Vendors are aiming to capitalize on global trends driving terminal growth, including cashless payments, mobility, and security. Most of this growth will come from EuroPay, MasterCard, and Visa (EMV) implementation in the Unit...


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  3. 11 Nov 2016  |  North America  |  Market Research

    Global Automated Teller Machines Market, 2016

    Vendors Target China and India for Growth Opportunities as Traditional Markets Hit Saturation

    This market insight provides unit shipment forecasts, segmentation by region, and market share analysis for the global automated teller machines market. The regional forecast is global, and covers the North America and Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), and Asia-Pacific (APAC) regions. Market drivers and restraints are ranke...


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  4. 01 Jun 2016  |  North America  |  Market Research

    Ensuring an Excellent Omnichannel Retail Experience

    Meeting Customers’ Needs, Mobility, Integrating People, Process, Technologies Key

    Today’s customers are not just going online or into stores to shop. They are going omnichannel: ordering online and picking up in-store, as well as having items delivered to their stores. They also are “showrooming” and “webrooming” on their mobile devices. While the retail industry has talked about providing excellent omnichannel custo...


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  5. 05 Feb 2016  |  North America  |  Market Research

    Customer Web Experiences Overview

    Sharp, Mobile-Friendly Design, Content, Data Analysis and Testing will be Critical to Successful Web Experiences

    Most customer relationships now begin on the web. Many of these engagements are for increasingly complex sales, service, and support opportunities and issues. Many of these interactions occur over customers’ mobile devices. Web experience personalization, bolstered by web site testing, increases sales, raises order values, and generates greater c...


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