1. 29 Sep 2014  |  Global

    Global Welding Robotics Fact Book

    Automation Fairs and Workshops Increase the Adoption of Welding Robots in the Industrial Sector

    This research service is a detailed factbook that analyses the current trends in the global welding robotics market. Market estimates in terms of revenue and unit shipment for each end user in each geography and product segment are provided. In addition, revenue and unit shipment forecasts for the same have been provided upto 2020. An analysis of m...


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  2. 07 Aug 2014  |  North America

    The Future of US Government Robotics

    Developing Innovative Systems to Reduce Manpower Requirements and Human Exposure to Hazardous Missions

    Government robotic systems capabilities in all categories are advancing rapidly due to the substantial amount of investment and resources being dedicated to research, development, and testing. Robots will be doing a significant amount of the dull, dangerous, or dirty jobs in the future to reduce the need for manpower and keep government personnel o...


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  3. 27 Jun 2014  |  Global

    Innovations in Cloud Robotics (Technical Insights)

    Robots empowered with more capacity and intelligence from cloud

    Cloud Robotics can be considered as an emerging technology concept where the Internet will provide massively parallel computation and sharing of huge data resources to Remote Brained robots. The existing Internet and cloud infrastructure can provide a range of potential benefits for robots. Interfacing robotics in the cloud will enable faster dep...


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