Safe Cities

  1. 25 Sep 2014  |  Global

    Safe Cities Competitor Analysis

    Supplier Capability Continues to Converge

    The need for increased multi-agency collaboration, gaining intelligence from data, and merging systems and infrastructure will continue to shape supplier strategy. The expected demand for solutions that provide a Unified Situational Awareness Picture across agencies will shape supplier technology development strategies, strategic alliances, and acq...

  2. 24 Feb 2014  |  Global

    Safe Cities: Technology and Market Trends

    Data Analytics and 4G will deliver Operational Efficiencies, Improved Situational Awareness and Better Response

    Five interconnected ideas of safe city need analysis and technology improvement trends has shaped the definition of a Safe City - first, to integrate more data and sensors into one control centre to provide a common operating picture; second, to share data and processes for improved multi-agency collaboration; third, to remove barriers to collabora...