Structural Health Monitoring

  1. This edition of Sensor Technology provides key information about innovations and developments in sensors for structural health monitoring applications. Key words: Wireless sensing, energy harvesting, bio-inspired networks

  2. 20 Apr 2015  |  Global

    Structural Health Monitoring - Impact of Technology Innovations and Emerging Opportunities (Technical Insights)

    Smart sensors and nanotechnology Poised to Impact SHM

    Structural health monitoring (SHM) is a process of damage detection and prevention of high value or critical assets, such as bridges, buildings, aircraft, pipelines, and so on. Different types of sensors and detection systems are being explored for assessment of structural integrity. SHM technologies not only detect the ongoing damage of a structur...

  3. This issue profiles low cost and flexible nanosensors, a wearable sensor patch with pressure sensitive sensors, and a self-powered sensor for structural health monitoring.

  4. This issue profiles a distributed wireless sensor for coal-fired boilers, piezoelectric driven sensors for structural health monitoring, and condition-based maintenance of aircraft using sensors.

  5. 29 Jun 2012  |  

    Advances in Structural Health Monitoring Systems (Technical Insights)

    In-situ Damage Detection–Ensuring Structural Integrity

    To protect critical structures such as bridges, roads, buildings, aircraft, pipelines and wind turbines, reliable monitoring systems are required. Different types of sensor technologies are constantly being explored and improvements are done to enhance the performance of such sensors for structural health monitoring applications. This research serv...