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The history of human progress can be measured and aligned with steady advances in industrial testing, inspection and monitoring. In the wake of expensive and widely publicized industrial disasters and product recalls the need to ensure quality and consumer safety in new product development, quality assurance, material evaluation and research & development, has never been more paramount. Testing, inspection and monitoring testing has played a critical role in ensuring our day-to-day safety and quality of life, particularly with the rapid advances in modern manufacturing technologies and permeation of concepts such as smart factories and Industries 4.0.

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29 Mar 2016  |  Global

Top 50 Emerging Technologies: Growth Opportunities of Strategic Imperative

Multi-billion dollar technologies ready to propel industries and transform our world

Research Overview The Top 50 Emerging Technologies research is a comprehensive analysis of the most promising and disruptive technologies poised to impact our world in the next few years. It highlights and offers strategic guidance and actionable ideas on the hottest 50 technologies that pack maximum potential to fuel global innovation; spawn in...

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29 Jan 2016  |  Global

Global Test and Measurement Industry, Vision 2025

Software-Defined Instruments and Reinvented Business Models to Impact Market Outlook, Communication Test Revenues to Soar

This study provides a detailed analysis of how global Mega Trends are rapidly changing the business and technology landscape of the test and measurement industry from 2015 to 2025. It examines 6 segments of the industry: general purpose electronic test, data acquisition, communication test, non-destructive test, condition monitoring, and dimensiona...

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30 Mar 2016  |  Global

Global Water Analysis Instrumentation Market, Forecast to 2022

Technological Innovations Effectively Address Need for Real-time Monitoring, Boosting Adoption by Industrial Sector

This research service analyzes the global water analysis instrumentation market. The product segments covered include instruments such as Potential of Hydrogen/Oxidation Reduction Potential (pH/ORP), dissolved oxygen, total organic carbon, conductivity, turbidity, and chlorine. Revenue forecasts have been provided for instruments based on form fact...

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08 Apr 2016  |  Global

Global Test and Measurement (T&M) Market—Impact of Evolving Business Models, Vision 2025

Evolving Service-based, Fee-based, and eCommerce Business Models to Impact T&M Providers

The study focuses on the impacts of three evolving business models—service-based, fee-based, and eCommerce—that test and measurement (T&M) providers will face from 2016. Mega Trends across industry verticals such as automotive, healthcare, aerospace, consumer electronics, communication, and energy and environment lead to the creation of certain...

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21 Jan 2016  |  Global

Global Mass Spectrometry Market, Forecast to 2022

Emerging Technologies like TOF LC-MS, Tandem LC-MS and MALDI TOF to Unlock Growth Potential

This research service analyzes the global mass spectrometry market. The product segments covered include single quadrupole LC-MS, tandem quadrupole LC-MS, GC-MS, TOF LC-MS, ICP-MS, and MALDI-TOF MS. End-user groups have been divided into the academia and government, pharma/biopharmaceuticals, industrial sectors, and applied markets. Revenue forecas...

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06 May 2016  |  Global

Global 3D Optical Scanners and Digitizers Market, Forecast to 2020

Higher Value Products to Unlock Growth as White Light Scanners and 3D Laser Scanners Shake Up the Market

This research service explores growth opportunities in the global optical scanners and digitizers market up to 2020, analyzing the evolution and penetration of key products. The study provides market revenue forecasts for technology segments, such as white light scanners, laser trackers, and 3D laser scanners. It highlights market drivers, restrain...

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03 May 2016  |  Europe

European Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Inspection Services Market Analysis, Forecast to 2020

Untapped Growth Potential in Eastern Europe and Wind Energy to Drive Overall Revenues

For the European NDT inspection services market, the past 5 years have been torrid with the much discussed sovereign debt crisis crippling many economies. While some economies have turned around, the NDT inspection services market took a fresh blow when oil prices started declining to their lowest level in over 12 years. There are pockets of growth...

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03 Mar 2016  |  Global

Global Analytical Microscopes Market, Forecast to 2020

Galvanized by Digital, Automated, and Software-based Systems, Scanning Probe and Electron Microscopes to Accelerate Market Revenues

Research Overview This Frost & Sullivan research service provides a detailed analysis of the global analytical microscope market. The study analyzes the critical technological trends in microscopy and its impact on the market. In this research, Frost & Sullivan's expert analysts thoroughly examine the following market segments.--BEGIN PROMO--

01 Jun 2016  |  Global

New Competition for the Global Test and Measurement Market in IoT Wireless Technologies

Cost, Repeatability, and Upgradeability Drive Business Value of IoT

The global T&M market for IoT wireless technologies covered in this study is segmented into wireless personal area network, wireless local area network, wireless neighborhood area network, and wireless wide area network. The vertical markets are smart homes, smart cities, smart cars, smart energy, industrial automation, consumer electronics, and ot...

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This Sensor TOE profiles innovations in fast responding biosensors, sensing systems for treating hearing disorders, 3D image sensors, heart rate monitoring in smart watches, and wearable sensors for monitoring emotions. Sensor TechVision Opportunity Engine (TOE) captures global sensor-related innovations and developments on a weekly basis. Innova...

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