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06 Sep 2016  |  North America

US DoD Unmanned Aircraft Systems Payloads

Innovative Technologies Drive Growth in UAS Security, Modular Sensors, Precision Weapons, and Autonomous Operations

The US Department of Defense (DoD) has been transitioning from acquiring new UAS to upgrading current platforms, sensors payloads, and overall capabilities. This market insight focuses on the technologies involved in this transition as well as how prospective requirements and enabling innovations will shape future UAS payloads and the demand for th...

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12 Jul 2016  |  North America

US Military Unmanned Aircraft Market

Despite a military budget that will continue to be unpredictable, DoD unmanned aerial system (UAS) funding through 2019 is forecast to experience a relatively strong 6.9% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). Market growth will vacillate between positive and negative growth years throughout the forecast period with an overall upward trend. Opportunit...

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12 Apr 2016  |  North America

Global Civil Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Market Outlook, Forecast to 2021

Uptake of Aerial Photography, Video, and other Sensing Capabilities to Result in Doubling of Overall Revenues

The civil unmanned aerial systems (UAS) market is growing rapidly as public agencies are exposed to the benefits of aerial photography, video, and other sensing capabilities through product demonstrations and testing. The market is unique as it commonly utilizes both traditional military and non-military platforms. By comparison, commercial and mil...

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This issue of the Aerospace and Defense Technology TechVision Opportunity Engine (TOE) focuses on innovations in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). These cutting edge developments include unmanned supply aircraft to supply troops under fire, UAVs capable of vertical take-off, and a UAV designed to capture hostile aerial drones. Aerospace and Defense...

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31 Dec 2014  |  North America

US DoD Unmanned Aerial System Market

A Market in Transition from New System Procurement to Supporting and Upgrading Existing Systems

The Department of Defense (DoD) unmanned aerial systems (UAS) market is currently transitioning from procurement of new systems to providing support and upgrades for existing systems. There will be few new start programs over the next decade, creating intense competition for them between the top UAS companies in the market. This research service is...

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05 Nov 2014  |  Global

Innovations in Unmanned Vehicles - Land, Air, Sea (Technical Insights)

The future of transportation and logistics

The research service covers key technological advances and innovations in the area of unmanned vehicles. Stakeholder initiatives, key technological trends and innovation hotspots have been discussed. Business implication of key innovations with regard to different application segments and factors influencing development landscape are also capture...

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19 Sep 2014  |  Global

Global Military Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Market Assessment

Demand in Asia to Incite Growth Despite US Slowdowns

This research service provides an assessment of the global military unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Despite a slowdown, the United States will remain the major market for UAVs. Also, demand from the Asia-Pacific and Europe will partially supplement reduced revenue from the United States. This market analysis focuses on revenue opportunities for ne...

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06 Aug 2014  |  North America

Global Military Unmanned Maritime Systems Market

Market is Poised for Substantial Growth After a Few More Years of Development and Testing

The global unmanned maritime systems (UMS) market is a relatively nascent market in which innovations are rapidly improving capabilities. Some of these innovations are being developed by companies in response to the large demand requirements from oil and gas companies. Military users are taking advantage of these innovations and adapting UMS capab...

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10 Jun 2014  |  Global

Global Military Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Systems and Sensors Market Assessment

Upgrading Capabilities through Next-generation Systems

The global surge in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) use in recent years has led to leaps in development and spending on sensors, radars, cameras, signals intelligence (SIGINT), detection, communications and attack capabilities included in their payloads. This study analyses the UAV market in 77 countries and is discussed in 6 regional segmentsNorth ...

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24 Dec 2013  |  Global

Emerging Applications for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Across Global Government and Commercial Sectors

UAS Platforms are Flexible and Hold Great Potential

The significant potential and benefits of UAS have led to increasing implementation since the mid-1980s. Through the years, these platforms have proven successful on numerous missions, leading to growing popularity. UAS now has a significant role for numerous military units worldwide. A decrease in military expenditure has, however, nudged UAS manu...

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