Fleet and Leasing

Vehicle leasing is seen as a solution to the growing problems faced by companies for their mobility needs, including vehicle funding, fleet maintenance and, more importantly, residual risk handling. Big corporates, businesses in the present market conditions are focused on their core products/services and would like to outsource all other support activities. In 2017, 15.3 million company cars were registered and it is expected to reach 17.6 million by 2022. One of the biggest threats that hampers the growth of cars in developed markets is policies declared by governments at various levels.

Leasing the fleet is preferred by corporates as a hassle-free mobility services which includes, on-demand mobility, and fleet after-service facilities, among others. This demand has driven growth and given the leasing market a structure and regulated the ecosystem.

The Frost & Sullivan Fleet & Leasing Program Area looks at the disruptive and sustaining trends across the market such as:

  • Global company car financing models: Operational lease, financial lease and outright purchase
  • Focus on legislations transforming the dynamics of fleet and leasing: Changes in taxes, subsidies and other policies
  • Dedicated focus on new mobility  options such as carsharing, car subscription and integrated mobility solutions (mobility cards, apps, etc.,)

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05 Nov 2015  |  Europe

Strategic Analysis of the Turkish Fleet and Leasing Market

Turkey Emerges as one of the Most Attractive Fleet and Leasing Markets in Europe

This study provides an analysis of the Turkish fleet and leasing market and covers both the passenger car and light commercial vehicle sectors. The report also provides a detailed breakdown of fleet ownership in each segment covering operational leasing, outright purchase, and financial leasing. The related regulations and drivers and restraints th...

USD 4,950.00

USD 3,712.50 save 25 %

07 Feb 2014  |  North America

Strategic Analysis of the US Fleet and Vehicle Lease Market

Recovery from Financial Crisis Generating Strong Growth

This research service analyzes the market for new fleet purchase, fleet lease, and consumer lease light cars and trucks in the United States. It includes unit shipment and revenue forecasts, pricing analyses, market structure, market share analyses, market drivers and restraints, and key conclusions and findings. The analysis includes rental car an...

USD 4,950.00

USD 3,712.50 save 25 %

Showing 41-42 of 42