Innovations in Batteries, Coatings, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, Night Vision, and Computer Vision

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This Mobility Technology TOE profiles innovations in lithium-ion battery technology, graphene-based batteries, magnesium batteries, self-healing coatings, nanocoatings, connected vehicles, AI-based autonomous vehicle platforms, night vision sensors, and computer vision.The purpose of the Mobility Technology TechVision Opportunity Engine (TOE) is to raise awareness of global technology innovations in self-propelled ground-based mobile platforms that are not only technically significant, but potentially offering commercial value. Each monthly TOE provides subscribers valuable descriptions and analyses of 10 noteworthy innovations. The main focus is on highway-licensed motor vehicles (light, medium and heavy). P

Table of Contents

Innovations in Batteries, Coatings, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, Night Vision, and Computer VisionRecent Developments in Automotive and Transportation TechnologiesEliminating Dendrites in Lithium-ion Batteries Using Magnesium SaltsHigher Capacity and Reduced Size Batteries Using Folded GraphenePotential High-performance Cathode for Magnesium BatteriesSelf-healing Coatings with the Ability to Regenerate Under Extreme ConditionsCoatings Self-heal Minor Scratches in Cars When Kept Under the SunCloud-based Data Analytics Platform for Commercial VehiclesArtificial Intelligence-based Autonomous Vehicle PlatformCeramic-based Nanocoatings for Gloss Retention in AircraftAdvanced Vision Sensor for Obstacle Detection at Night System-on-Chip for Computer Vision in Autonomous VehiclesIndustry Contacts

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