Innovations in Cosmetic Procedures (TechVision)

Impact of Emerging and Innovative Technologies Across Cosmetics Product Development

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The influence of emerging technologies is rather prominent across various industries. The notion of converging innovative technologies together, to create disruptions in the ordinary and routine procedures and products is the focus of all research and development. The cosmetics industry is also trying to push the frontiers of innovation by adopting a whole host of emerging technologies that were previously not close to being considered as suitable for the development of personal care and cosmetic products. The slow yet steady growth of convergence in the cosmetics industry is indicating a positive shift towards greater customization, increased product quality, as well as a large cost reduction. Some of the emer

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 Scope of report1.2 Research methodology1.2 Research methodology (continued)1.3 Key Findings : Innovative technologies disrupting cosmetic industry2.0 Industry Overview 2.1 The Cosmetics Industry is Still Flourishing With a Steady Growth in Demand 2.2 Major Cosmetics Participants are Trying to Restructure Their Brands 3.0 Regulatory Scenarios Across The Globe 3.1 The European Union Was the First Region to Ban Animal Testing for Cosmetics3.2 Japan and China are not Participating in the Animal Testing Ban3.3 No Premarket Approval Required for Cosmetic Products in the United States4.0 Impact of Emerging Technologies 4.1 Novel Technology Segments Aiding Cosmetic Product Development 4.1.1 3D Printing Rejuvenates the Cosmetics Industry With New Products4.1.2 The Electrospinning Technique is Used to Alleviate Fine Lines and Wrinkles4.1.3 3D Printing Driving Diversification in Business Models 4.1.4 High Grant Funding Emerging Toward Using 3D Bioprinting for FMCG Products4.1.5 Cosmetics Giant Integrates 3D Bioprinting Into R&D Process4.1.6 Personalized Makeup Products Developed Using 3D Printing Technologies 4.1.7 Emerging Technology Impact Across Cosmetic Product Development 4.2 Novel Technology Segments Aiding Cosmetic Product Development 4.2.1 Beauty Innovation is Driven by DNA-based Customization 4.2.2 Genetic Test Determines 16 Genetic Markers to Provide Personalized Skin Care Solutions4.2.3 Personalized Cosmetics Developers are Changing the Potential of Cosmetic Products4.2.4 Emerging Technology Impact Across Cosmetic Product Development 4.3 Novel Technology Segments Aiding Cosmetic Product Development 4.3.1 Stem-cell technology: Is it a Breakthrough for Cosmetics? 4.3.2 Stem Cells Driving Anti-aging Product Segment Across the Cosmetics Industry 4.3.3 A Range of Stem-cell Based Cosmetic Products Enter the Market4.3.4 A Range of Plant Stem Cells Used in Cosmetic Products Enter the Market4.3.5 Emerging Technology Impact Across Cosmetic Product Development 4.4 Novel Technology Segments Aiding Cosmetic Product Development 4.4.1 Augmented Reality Opens New Avenues for Cosmetics Industry Participants4.4.2 Augmented Reality for Cosmetic Companies Ushers in a New Marketing Approach 4.4.3 “Connected Cosmetics”—A Game-changing Model Due to the IOT Phenomenon4.4.4 Cosmetic Products Will Benefit From Smart Packaging Options 4.4.5 Emerging Technology Impact Across Cosmetic Product Development 5.0 Analyst Insights5.1 Future Outlook: Connected Cosmetics + Personal Care = Connected Beauty Solutions5.2 Strategic Recommendations for the Adoption of Emerging Technologies Across the Cosmetics Industry6.0 Key Contacts6.1 Key Contacts 7.0 The Frost & Sullivan StoryThe Journey to Visionary InnovationThe Frost & Sullivan StoryValue Proposition: Future of Your Company & CareerGlobal PerspectiveIndustry Convergence360º Research PerspectiveImplementation ExcellenceOur Blue Ocean Strategy

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