Innovations in Microscopy (TechVision)

Technology Advances Powering Next-gen Microscopes

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TechVision's latest research service from the medical imaging technology cluster highlights the emerging trends and innovations in microscopy. Although microscopes have been in use for centuries, the intensity of innovation has not died down. Rather, over the last two decades, powered by rapid advances in electronics and sensors, information technology and telecommunications, microscopes have evolved from moderately powerful, stand-alone imaging devices into powerful, networked and highly-intelligent diagnostic systems. Long associated with life science research alone, microscopes increasingly cater to applications in nanotechnology, semi-conductors, electronics, material sciences and non-destructive testing. T

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary1.1 Scope of Research1.2 Research Methodology1.2 Research Methodology (continued)1.3 The Evolution of Microscopes to Nanoscopes1.4 Emerging Trends Indicate Lighter, More Intelligent Microscopes2. Industry Snapshot and Trends2.1 The Growing Importance of Microscopes2.2 A Snapshot of Microscopy Applications2.3 Microscopy's Central Role in Life Sciences Research 2.4 Microscopy's Emerging Role in Clinical Research 2.5 A Snapshot of Microscopy Technologies2.6 Technology Capabilities and Salient Features2.6 Technology Capabilities and Salient Features (continued)3. Impact Assessment and Analysis3.1 Impact Mapping of Growth Drivers3.2 Demand from Asia-Pacific Region, Nanotech Market Drives Adoption3.3 Innovations in IT, Electronics Power Innovations3.4 Impact Mapping of Growth Challenges3.5 Capital Costs of Equipment Seen as a Major Adoption Challenge3.6 Improving Optics, Enabling IT are Key Areas of Innovation4. Emerging Opportunities in Microscopy4.1 Internet of Things (IoT) Powers Digital Pathology4.2 Virtual Microscopy Can Help in Fight against Epidemics4.3 Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Take Researchers to the Sub-Cellular Level4.4 3D Autofocus Systems Enables Super-Resolution, Live Cell Imaging4.5 AI-Powered Medical Imaging Analytics Adds Muscle to Clinical Diagnosis4.6 Frugal Innovations Bring Microscopy to Low-income Countries4.7 Smartphone Microscopy for Forensics, in-situ imaging4.8 Optical Microscopy is Central to Surgery 4.9 United States, Europe Reaching Maturity; APAC in Strong Growth Phase4.10 Microscopy Companies Around the World4.11 Microscopy and Imaging Research Around the World4.12 Portability, Automation are Key User Demands5. Opportunity Evaluation and Roadmapping 5.1 Spotlight on Hot Microscopy Techniques—Super-Resolution Microscopy5.2 Spotlight on Hot Microscopy Techniques—Acoustic Microscopy5.3 Spotlight on Hot Microscopy Techniques—X-Ray and Neuron Microscopy5.4 Microscopy Over the Next Five Years5.5 Technology Adoption Potential5.6 Enabling Technologies Available for Licensing5.6 Enabling Technologies Available for Licensing (continued)5.6 Enabling Technologies Available for Licensing (continued)6. IP Landscape Analysis6.1 Confocal Microscopy Witnesses Tremendous IP Activity6.2 China Leads Innovation in Super-Resolution Microscopy6.3 Electronics Applications Boost AFM Innovation6.4 Ophthalmology Powers IP Activity in Acoustic Microscopy6.5 Key Patents for You to Check6.5 Key Patents for You to Check (continued)6.5 Key Patents for You to Check (continued)6.6 Database of Key Industry Participants6.7 Key Contacts 6.8 Legal Disclaimer7. The Frost & Sullivan StoryThe Frost & Sullivan StoryIndustry Convergence360º Research PerspectiveImplementation ExcellenceOur Blue Ocean Strategy

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