Innovations in Plant-based Alternatives for Animal Protein

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This Industrial Bioprocessing TOE features trends and innovations in plant-based meat substitutes. There is growing awareness amongst population for a healthy lifestyle and people are shifting to healthier vegetarian or vegan diet options. This has led to the development of meat alternatives including plant-based products that resemble the fibrous structure, bite, and flavor of meat. The TOE edition also focusses on various technology innovations in soy- and gluten-free plant-based meat substitutes. It provides insights on the technology adoption and funding scenario globally. Corresponding patents are also provided along with industry interactions. The Industrial Bioprocessing TechVision Opportunity Engine (T

Table of Contents

Innovations in Plant-based Alternatives for Animal ProteinIntroduction to Plant-based Meat SubstitutesPlant-Based Meat Substitutes – A Shift toward Healthy and Sustainable FoodRisk of Pathogen and Antibiotic Contamination, with High Saturated Fat Content is Driving Population towards Plant-based Meat AlternativesInnovations in Plant-based Animal ProteinsPlant-Based Meat Patty that Bleeds like Real Beef MeatMycoprotein-based Healthy Meat SubstitutesSustainable Chicken Protein from PeasSoy- and Gluten-free Plant-based Meat SubstitutesOpportunities in Plant-based Meat SubstitutesFunding and Technology RoadmapKey Patents and ContactsRecent Patents Related to Plant-based Meat SubstitutesKey Patents Related to Methods of Producing Plant-based Protein SubstitutesIndustry Contacts

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