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Smart polymers or stimuli responsive polymers are high performance materials that are sensitive to external changes such as light, temperature, pH, and electrical/magnetic field. These polymers are tough, easy to process, and flexible. They can retain their normal shape and properties once the stimuli are removed. These polymers can change their physical as well as chemical properties depending on the stimuli. They have numerous application segments such as medical and healthcare, packaging, consumer, aerospace, automotive, oil & gas, and electronics. Among these, the healthcare industry has seen the greatest impact. Plastics Advisor TechVision Opportunity Engine (TOE) provides intelligence on technologies, pro

Table of Contents

Innovations in Smart Polymers - Plastics Advisor TOESmart Polymers/Stimuli Responsive PolymersSmart Polymers for Life SciencesPolymer-based Gels That Can Sustain a Moist Wound EnvironmentHeat Conducting, Electrically Insulated PolymersEnvironment Friendly Self-immolative Polymers Smart Polymers That Aid in Energy HarvestingElectronic Skin That Changes Color Like Chameleon’s SkinConducting Polymers with Improved Thermoelectric PropertyMaterials That Exhibit Intense Colors by Reorganizing Microscopic Marbles into Regular LayersStrategic InsightsCompetitive Landscape & Patent AnalysisFuture Roadmap for Smart PolymersKey PatentsKey PatentsKey Patents (continued)Industry ContactsIndustry Contacts

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