Innovations in Ultrasound Imaging (TechVision)

A Strategic Review of the Latest in Ultrasound Imaging

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TechVision's latest research service from the medical imaging technology cluster highlights the emerging trends and innovations in ultrasound imaging. Although the use of ultrasound for medical applications have been in use for a few decades now, the last few years have witnessed a rapid expansion of their applications, and a surge in the intensity of innovation. Powered by rapid advances in microelectronics and sensors, ultrasound systems have evolved from cart-based, single-use systems into high portable, versatile and multi-use diagnostic systems. This research service sheds light on the ultrasound technology landscape, key business and technology considerations that are aiding and hampering market adoption,

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 Scope of Research1.2 Research Methodology1.2 Research Methodology (continued)1.3 Key Findings1.4 Key Takeaways2.0 Industry Snapshot and Trends2.1 The Growing Importance of Ultrasound Radiation2.2 Medical Ultrasound Plays a Central Role in Diagnosis and Therapy2.3 Traditional and Emerging Applications of Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging2.4 Ultrasound Continues to be the Favoured Tool for OB/GYN and Cardiology Imaging2.5 Surgical Navigation, EMED and Endocrinology are Emerging Applications of Ultrasound Imaging2.6 A Snapshot of Ultrasound Imaging Based on Technology 2.7 Evolution from Bed-side Instruments to Pocket-sized Devices2.8 Benefits and Importance of 2D, 3D Ultrasound Imaging2.9 Benefits and Importance of 4D Ultrasound and Doppler Imaging3.0 Impact Assessment and Analysis3.1 Clinical Safety, Versatility, and Innovations in Enabling Technologies Fuel Adoption 3.2 Short- and Long-term Impact of Business Drivers3.3 Short- and Long-term Impact of Technology Drivers3.4 Lack of Awareness, Skilled Technicians Can Limit Adoption in the Short-term3.5 Short- and Long-term Impact of Business Restraints3.6 Short- and Long-term Impact of Technology Challenges3.7 Popular Avenues for Financial Support for Innovations3.8 NIH Funding in US Research Has Resulted in over 120 Patents in the Last 5 Years3.9 NIH Leads US Public Funding in Ultrasound Research Projects3.10 Enthusiastic Government Support for Public-Private Research Consortia in Europe3.11 Notable Venture Capital Investments into US Companies3.12 Assessing the Market Impact of Top Healthcare Trends3.13 Next-generation US Systems Will be Designed Keeping Teleradiology, Advanced Analytics in Mind3.14 Low-cost, Portability Will be Significant as Nature of Healthcare Delivery Changes3.15 Lack of Awareness, Unregulated Use Could be Detrimental to Market Growth 4.0 Emerging Trends and Opportunities4.1 Elastography, Contrast-enhancement Augment US Capabilities4.2 Pocket Ultrasound Could be the New Stethoscope 4.3 Ultrasound Could be the New Partner for 3D Printing4.4 Degree of Technical Innovation, and Cost-effectiveness are the Most Important Influencers of Growth4.5 Ultrasound Imaging – 5 Major Growth Opportunities 4.6 North America, Europe Lead Adoption of Ultrasound Imaging4.7 Conclusion – Analyst Insights on the Future of Ultrasound Imaging4.8 Technologies Available for Licensing4.8 Technologies Available for Licensing (continued)4.8 Technologies Available for Licensing (continued)5.0 IP Landscape Analysis5.1 IP Research Scope and Methodology5.2 Analysis of 3D Ultrasound Imaging Patent Landscape5.3 Analysis of 4D Ultrasound Imaging Patent Landscape5.4 Analysis of Intravascular Ultrasound Imaging Patent Landscape5.5 Analysis of Portable Ultrasound Imaging Patent Landscape5.6 Key Patents for you to Check5.6 Key Patents for you to Check (continued)5.6 Key Patents for you to Check (continued)5.6 Key Patents for you to Check (continued)5.7 Database of Key Industry ParticipantsLegal Disclaimer6.0 The Frost & Sullivan Story6.1 The Frost & Sullivan Story6.2 Value Proposition: Future of Your Company & Career6.3 Global Perspective6.4 Industry Convergence6.5 360º Research Perspective6.6 Our Global Footprint 40+ Offices6.7 Our Blue Ocean Strategy

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