Innovations in Wastewater Treatment and Its Impact on Key Sectors (TechVision)

Meeting multiple challenges of the 21st century

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Wastewater treatment is necessary to protect the environment and ecosystem from the adverse effects of water pollution. As society progresses and knowledge increases, legislations regulating wastewater discharge effluent become more stringent. Other environmental factors such as water scarcity and threats to environmental sustainability require more innovative wastewater treatment technologies to address. These challenges drive innovations in wastewater treatment. This research service report highlights the important and emerging innovations to meet wastewater treatment challenges in key industry key sectors. It gives an overview of each selected key sector, their respective challenges and opportunities, innova

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryResearch Objectives and ScopeResearch Process and MethodologyKey FindingsIntroductionWastewater – Global TrendsWastewater Treatment – Drivers & RestraintsSelected Key Sectors1. Agriculture SectorAgriculture Sector OverviewAgriculture Sector – Challenges & OpportunitiesAgriculture Sector – Innovation Landscape4 segment layoutAgriculture Sector – Technology Roadmap2. Energy SectorEnergy Sector OverviewEnergy Sector – Challenges & OpportunitiesEnergy Sector – Innovation LandscapeEnergy Sector – Innovation Landscape (continued)Energy Sector – Technology Roadmap3. Pharmaceuticals SectorPharmaceuticals Sector OverviewPharmaceuticals Sector – Challenges & OpportunitiesPharmaceuticals Sector – Innovation LandscapePharmaceuticals Sector – Innovation Landscape (continued)Pharmaceuticals Sector – Technology Roadmap4. Chemicals SectorChemicals Sector OverviewChemicals Sector – Challenges & OpportunitiesChemicals Sector – Innovation LandscapeChemicals Sector – Innovation Landscape (continued)Chemicals Sector – Technology Roadmap5. Metal Finishing SectorMetal Finishing Sector OverviewMetal Finishing Sector – Challenges & OpportunitiesMetal Finishing Sector – Innovation LandscapeMetal Finishing Sector – Innovation Landscape Metal Finishing Sector – Technology RoadmapInnovations Across SectorsInnovation Landscape Across SectorsInnovation Landscape Across Sectors(continued)Innovation Landscape Across SectorsWastewater as Resource – An Emerging ParadigmWastewater as ResourceWastewater as Resource (continued)Wastewater Resource Recovery – Drivers & RestraintsLegal DisclaimerAppendixKey PatentsKey Patents (continued)Key Patents (continued)Key Patents (continued)Key ContactsKey Contacts (continued)Key Contacts (continued)The Frost & Sullivan StoryThe Frost & Sullivan StoryValue Proposition: Future of Your Company & CareerGlobal PerspectiveIndustry Convergence360º Research PerspectiveImplementation ExcellenceOur Blue Ocean Strategy

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