Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) Revolutionizing Healthcare

Role of Networked Devices and Analytics in Digital Healthcare Transformation

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As consumers take more responsibility of their own health and demand better access to their medical data, the process of extracting this data to provide meaningful insights needs an incremental change. In the next few years, advanced, connected and smarter patient monitoring devices will be available to consumers that will be able to gather real-time data including genetics and lifestyle behavior. This will help the IoMT market grow at a significant rate. Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is an amalgamation of medical devices and applications that can connect to healthcare information technology (IT) systems using networking technologies. It connects patients to their physicians and allows transfer of medical d

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 Scope of Research1.2 Research Process Methodology1.3 Research Methodology Explained1.4 Key Findings2.0 Technology Snapshot2.1 Snapshot of Key Parameters in IoMT2.2 Conventional to Digital Transformation of Healthcare 2.3 IoMT Offers Substantial Reduction in Healthcare Spending3.0 Product Evaluation and Assessment3.1 Networked Medical Devices form the Base of mHealth’s Success3.2 Innovation Ecosystem of Home Monitoring Devices3.3 Innovation Ecosystem of Devices Improving Clinical Efficiency3.4 Innovation Ecosystem of Devices Housing Clinical-grade Biometric Sensors3.5 Innovation Ecosystem of Companies Employing Brain Sensors3.6 Innovation Ecosystem of Fitness Tracking Devices3.7 Innovation Ecosystem of Sleep and Infant Monitoring Devices3.8 Artificial Intelligence Platform from IBM Delivers Actionable Insights to the Physician4.0 Process Evaluation and Assessment4.1 Role of High-speed Networking Technologies in the Success of IoMT4.2 Analytics Infrastructure Is Imperative for Complete Digital Transformation4.3 Power of Mobile Applications in Delivering Quality Care to the Consumer5. Stakeholder Evaluation and Assessment5.1 Regulations and Reimbursement Jointly Assist in the Success of IoMT5.2 Trends Disrupting Healthcare Insurance5.3 Potential Models that Could be Adopted by Payers to Sustain their Growth5.4 Regulations and Policies Essential for Favorable Outcomes in the IoMT Market5.5 Evolution of Hospitals to a Patient-centered Approach5.6 Growth of IoMT Has Reduced Direct Patient-Physician Interaction and Eased Healthcare Systems5.7 Evolution of Research and Development as a Result of IoMT6.0 Impact Assessment and Analysis6.1 Market Drivers6.2 High Speed Networking Technologies are a Major Driver in IoMT Market6.3 Increasing Focus on Analytics Improves the Success of IoMT6.4 Market Challenges6.5 Lack of Secure Networks can Halt the Growth of IoMT Market6.6 Voluminous Clinical Data is a Major Challenge to Conquer6.7 Regional Adoption of Networked Devices and IoMT7.0 Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action7.1 Growth Opportunity 1: Secure Patient Data Transfer7.2 Growth Opportunity 2: Digital Healthcare Transformation7.3 Growth Opportunity 3: Remote Patient Monitoring7.4 Growth Opportunity 4: Database Management7.5 Growth Opportunity 5: Cognitive Coaching Applications7.6 Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth of IoMT Market8.0 Analyst Insights8.1 Strategic Recommendations for Global Manufacturers9.0 Key Contacts and Patents9.1 Global Patents on IoMT Market9.2 Global Patents on IoMT Market (continued)9.3 Global Patents on IoMT Market (continued)9.4 Global Patents on IoMT Market (continued)9.5 Global Patents on IoMT Market (continued)9.6 Global Patents on IoMT Market (continued)9.7 Key Contacts9.8 Key Contacts (continued)Legal Disclaimer10.0 The Frost & Sullivan StoryThe Journey to Visionary Innovation10.1 The Frost & Sullivan Story10.2 Value Proposition: Future of Your Company & Career10.3 Global Perspective10.4 Industry Convergence10.5 360º Research Perspective10.6 Implementation Excellence10.7 Our Blue Ocean Strategy

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