Lab on a Chip (LOC)--Advances in Microfluidics (Technical Insights)


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This research service analyzes technology development of microfluidics and its impact in the development of LOCs

Table of Contents

Lab on a Chip (LOC)--Advances in Microfluidics (Technical Insights), Executive SummaryIntroductionIntroductionApplications and FunctionalityMicro-Total Analytical Systems vs Limited-Function LOCsLOC RequirementsAdvantages of LOCsMarket AnalysisMarket ForecastDrivers for LOC DevelopmentMarket and Technology TrendsBarriers to CommercializationMarket Challenges and RestraintsTechnology RestraintsLab on a Chip (LOC)--Advances in Microfluidics (Technical Insights), IntroductionIntroductionIntroductionMicro-Total Analytical Systems vs Limited-Function LOCsTrends in LOC DevelopmentFabricationEnabling TechnologiesMicrofluidics - History and DesignMicrofluidics - FlowLab on a Chip (LOC)--Advances in Microfluidics (Technical Insights), Industry Assessment and Barriers to CommercializationCurrent Markets and Market ForecastsCurrent Markets and Market ForecastsMicrofluidics - WorldwideMicrofluidics - AsiaNanotechnology and NanobiotechnologyIntroductionWorldwide and USAAsia Canada and AustraliaPharmaceuticals Industry Overall R&D; HTSCell Fractionation; DiagnosticsMarket Drivers for LOC DevelopmentIntroductionBioanalytical ApplicationsOther Market DriversMarket and Technology TrendsPlastics and Other PolymersPartneringBarriers To CommercializationIntroductionMarket Challenges and RestraintsTechnology Restraints Lab on a Chip (LOC)--Advances in Microfluidics (Technical Insights), TechnologiesLOCs-GeneralChip Sips Samples Via Capillary TransferOne-Cell Genetics LOCMultiplexed Capillary Electrophoresis for Lower Genotyping Bills Sort Microscopic Particles Fast Replace "Stupid" Microtiter Plates with "Intelligent" Silicon Microfluidic ChipsLab-on-a-CD and Nano PipettingTiny Fingers of Light Sort Matter LOC Allows View of Protein FoldingNanoelectrospray Ionization on a ChipHPLC on a ChipBrain-on-a-ChipMicrofluidic PCR in 30 Minutes or LessThe MIDAS Touch: Microfluidic Integrated DNA Analysis SystemLOC Design; Manufacture; and ComponentsFlexibility: LOCs Designed and Delivered OvernightUltra-Fast Laser for Nanoscale MachiningDARPA BioFlips ProgramMEMS Lubrication Ionic Cooling Strategies Power-Plant-on-Chip Makes Fuel-Cell Hydrogen3D Printing Technique Microfluidic Integrated Circuitry: Integration and Modularity Key to Simple LOCs Better Mixing on Microfluidic Chip for LOCs Microfluidic Pumps and Valves Repulsion Drives Fluids LOCs as Sensor SystemsLOC Sensors May Guard against Contamination of Milk Microfluidic Sensor for Biological Detection ApplicationsCell-on-a-Chip Detects Toxins Cantilevers Detect Mass of Single Virus Particle Creating Micro-Hotplate Arrays Out of Silicon Carbide Detection Methods and Additional LOC TechnologiesBio-Barcodes Rival PCR Better Colorimetric Detection with Nanoparticles Thin-Film Formation Renders the Invisible Visible Additional TechnologiesLab on a Chip (LOC)--Advances in Microfluidics (Technical Insights), International EffortsCanada and Italy Fluidic Tool Kit Allows Custom DesignBrain-On-A-Chip: CalgaryMEMS DNA Lab-on-a-Silicon ChipGermanyWith Japan: Titanium Alloy Thin-Film Microvalves for High-Temperature ApplicationsCustomized Arrays Also Do PCRSwedenNano-Lab on a CDNanofluidic Switch Promises Even Tinier LOCsJapanQuicker; Cheaper Gene-DetectionMicrofluidic Catalysis Promises Speedier HydrogenationMicrofluidic DNA SequencerFranceSpeed DNA Separations on ChipFluid Flow in MicrochannelsUKLab-on-Chip Routes Traveling SalesmanLED Sensors Enable Colorimetric AnalysisPlanar Waveguide Sensors Enable Chemical SensingOptical Tomography Enables Visualization of Fluid DynamicsIndia and KoreaMicrofluidic Flow Generates VoltageConducting Polymers Aid in DNA SensingIsraelDNA Computer May Become NanodoctorLab-on-a-Pill : CameraNetherlandsMaking Nanochannels by MicromachiningMicrofluid Speed and PrototypesAustralia and SwitzerlandBioSilicon for Chip-Based DevicesPlanar Waveguide TechnologyLab on a Chip (LOC)--Advances in Microfluidics (Technical Insights), Patents and ContactsPatentsPatents - IPatents - IIPatents - IIIPatents - IVContactsCorporateUniversityLab on a Chip (LOC)--Advances in Microfluidics (Technical Insights), Frost & Sullivan 2004 Technology AwardsTechnology Leadership AwardAward DescriptionAward RecipientTechnology Innovation AwardAward DescriptionAward RecipientLab on a Chip (LOC)--Advances in Microfluidics (Technical Insights), DSD TablesData Relevant to This Research ServiceNumber of Biotech Companies (1999 to 2006)Goverment Biotech R&D Investment (1999 to 2006)Government Healthcare Expenditure (1999 to 2006)Healthcare Expenditure as Percentage of GDP (1999 to 2006)Private Healthcare Expenditure (1999 to 2006)Pharmaceutical R&D Expenditure (1999 to 2006)Percentage of Pharmaceutical R&D Expenditure (1999 to 2006)

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