Lab-On-A-Chip: The Revolution in Portable Instrumentation - 4th Edition (Technical Insights)

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Complete chemical LOCs will have the greatest direct impact on two markets: medical diagnostics and laboratory instrumentation. LOCs will also affect chemical sensing markets and chemical synthesis. The relationship between LOCs and sensors is complex, because chemical sensing is the basis of many LOCs. It is uncertain whether LOCs will actually replace chemical sensors, although they perform many of the same tasks. More likely, advances in sensors will result in new LOCs as developers try to exploit miniaturization and performance of sensor technology in integrated systems.

Table of Contents

Lab-On-A-Chip: The Revolution in Portable Instrumentation - 4th Edition (Technical Insights), Executive SummaryExecutive SummaryExecutive SummaryLab-On-A-Chip: The Revolution in Portable Instrumentation - 4th Edition (Technical Insights), IntroductionIntroductionIntroductionLab-On-A-Chip: The Revolution in Portable Instrumentation - 4th Edition (Technical Insights), MarketsIntroductionIntroductionTrends in LOC DevelopmentTrends in LOC DevelopmentHow to Exploit LOCsHow to Exploit LOCsSpecific Market SectorsMedical DiagnosticsChemical Analysis InstrumentationMicrofluidics and Capillary ElectrophoresisBiochips: DNA and Protein MicroarraysProteomicsSensorsOther MarketsLOC Technology Redefines ItselfLOC Technology Redefines ItselfMicrofluidicsMicroarray LOCs and InstrumentationList of LOC; Microarray; Microsystem DevelopersLab-On-A-Chip: The Revolution in Portable Instrumentation - 4th Edition (Technical Insights), Barriers to CommercializationIntroductionIntroductionMechnical and Process Issues for LOCsMechanical and Process Issues for LOCsPerformance RequirementsPerformance RequirementsLimitations of LOCsLimitations of LOCsThroughput and CostsThroughput and CostsStandardizationStandardizationMarketingMarketingPatent LitigationPatent LitigationSensorsSensorsLab-On-A-Chip: The Revolution in Portable Instrumentation - 4th Edition (Technical Insights), LOC TechnologiesµTAS: Complete Chemistry Labs-On-A-ChipµTAS: Complete Chemistry Labs-On-A-ChipMESA Research Institute: Fluid Handling; Mixing; Reacting; and DetectionUniversity of Pennsylvania: Total Integrated Microchip PlatformAviva Biosciences: Multiple-Force BiochipsNanogen: Dielectrophoresis µTAS Chip Finds Germs; SNPsUniversity of Michigan: DNA Analysis With Nanoliter LOCImperial College: Micromachined Chemical Amplifier Speeds PCR Analysis; Tweaking µTAS for All Manner of ThingsSandia National Laboratories: A Fully Integrated Chemical Analysis LOCMicrofluids and Capillary ElectrophoresisCaliper Technologies Corp.: Microfluidics; Microfabrication; and Molecular Separations for Drug DiscoveryMicralyne: Microfluidic ToolkitOak Ridge National LabsThe University of Alberta LOCAclara Biosciences Inc.: LabCardMicronics; Inc.: Laminar Flow Prevents MixingCuragen; Inc.: DNA Seperation by WeightNanogen; Inc : Electronic Control of DNA AnalysisUC Berkely: Radial Capillary Array Electrophoresis SystemMolecular Dynamics: Fluorescence-Based Capillary Gel Electrophoresis SequencingApplera Corporation: Applied Biosystems Incorporated (ABI) and Celera Genomics: Human Genome PayoffGene Logic: READS (Restricition Enzyme Analysis of Differentially-Expressed Sequences)University of California; Davis: Surfactant Redox to Move FluidsPrinceton University: Continuos Flow Mixer Gives You Fast Mixing Without TurbulenceLos Alamos and IBM: Simulate Fluid FlowsTecan Group Turns CD Player Into a Bioanalysis DeviceDetection and Analysis: Spectrometry; Chromatography; Surface Plasmon ResonanceAdvion and Intellisense: Electrospray Chip for Mass SpectrometryUniversity of Washington: Annular Column Chromatography With Built-in Optical AnalysisTexas Instruments; Inc : A matchbook-Sized Surface-Plasmon-Resonance AnalyzerGenetrace Systems: Automated DNA Sequencing With Time-of-Flight Mass SpectrometryHTS Biosystems: Surface Plasmon ResonancePhylos: Protein-Expression ChipUniversity of lllinois/Urbana-Champaign: NMR Analysis On A ChipOptical Addressing of LOCsClinical Instrumentsi-Stat Corp.: Handheld Blood Analyzer Offers Bedside Blood PanelUniversity of Neuchatel: Blood Gas Analyzers On A ChipGiven Imaging Inc.: Dreadful Endoscopy Made Easy--Just SwallowGeorgia Tech: Microneedle Arrays Deliver DrugsSandia National Labs: Blood-Cell Laser to Detect Blood DisordersMIT: Implantable Microchip Releases On DemandMicroreactors; Combinatorial Chemistry; and Syntheis LOCsMicroreactors; Combinatorial Chemistry; and Synthesis LOCsIrori Quantum Microchemistry: Microchip-Based Combinatorial Chemistry KitUniversity of Hull: Microreactors and MicrowavesUniversity of South Australia: MicrobioreactorBattelle Pacific Northwest Laboratory: Microscale CombusterSymyx: Combinatorial Materials SynthesisID Biomedical Corp.: Cycling Probe Technology Amplifies Like PCRCepheid; Inc.: Microscale PCR ReactorsHebrew University: PCR Primers Immobilized On A ChipFraunhofer Institute: Meandering Flow Channels With Access PortsMicroarrays and Biochips: DNA and Protein Analysis On A ChipMicroarrays and Biochips: DNA and Protein Analysis On A ChipAffymetrix: Combinatorial DNA AnalysisOrchid BioSciences-SNP Analysis On A ChipGenometrix; Inc.Berkeley: Microcantilevers Detect Cancer On A ChipBeckman Instruments; Inc.Motorola; Packard; and Argonne: Find One Genetic Variation Among Three Billion DNA Bases in a Matter of MinutesDifferential Gene Expression or Copy Number On A ChipHarvard University: 'Protein Chips' Probe Protein FunctionHoffman-La Roche: Bacteria Chips to Study AntibioticsCiphergen Biosystems: BiomarkersBeyond Proteomics: GlycomicsDNA Chips for Agricultural StudiesLab-On-A-Chip: The Revolution in Portable Instrumentation - 4th Edition (Technical Insights), Enabling TechnologiesEnabling TechnologiesIntroductionSensorsSensorsBiosensorsMicrophysiometry--Intracellular SensingMilli Sensors Systems and Actuators Inc: Motion SensingMicrophotonicsFiber-Optic SensorsSandia National Labs: Pattern Recognition System for Sensors On A ChipSandia Labs: Tiny Acoustic Wave Sensors Detect Minute Traces of Dangerous ChemicalsIntegrated Sensing Systems: Implantable Microsensors and Coriolis-Based Microfluidic DevicesJohns Hopkins University: Visual Sensor On A ChipCyrano Sciences Inc and Hewlett-Packard: Differential Resistance Allows Sensors to Detect Odors; Respiratory Infection; or Bad Breath BacteriaUniversity of Texas at Austin: Electronic Tongue Attached to Camera-On-A-Chip Connected to A ComputerBerkeley MicroInstruments : Microsensor Measures Liquid ViscosityOak Ridge National Lab: Microcantilevers Put Sensor Array on ChipMEMS and MicroelectronicsUniversity of Michigan: MEMS Resonator for LOC Gyroscopes; Internal Clocks?"XYZ On A Chip" Initiative Seeks Novel Applications for MicroelectronicsHarvard University: Refrigerator On A ChipOak Ridge: Photosynthesis Can Power NanomachinesBrigham Young University: Get Battery Down to MEMS ScaleUCSD: DNA Glues Optoelectronics ComponentsTechnion: DNA Helps Connect Nano ElectronicsSandia Labs: A Silicon MicromotorLucent Technologies: Micromechanical Mirrors Route Light SignalsSandia: MEMS Clock Times System On A ChipUniversity of Wales at Bangor: Electrokinetic Analysis of CellsMicropumps and MicrovalvesFraunhofer Institute: Silicon Micro-Diaphragm PumpUniversity of Washington: Nonmoving Tesla Microvalves Help PumpJohns Hopkins University: Pumping With Tiny Bubbles: Vapor Pushes Liquid through Micro DevicesFraunhofer Insititute: Micromechanical Pneumatic ValveLouisiana State University: Micropump Has No Moving PartsFabrication TechnologiesCornell University: Artificial Gels Could Speed DNA SequencingRockefeller University: Build Biochips A Molecule at A Time With Optical TweezersPurdue and Scripps: Studying Biomolecules With Porous SiliconDe Montfort University (UK): Porous Silicon Enables Next-Generation BiochipsUniversity of Michigan : Plastic Capillary ChannelsNIST: Plastic-Coated Microfluid DevicesMicromolding in Capillaries (MI MIC)Pulsed Laser DepositionGlass-Glass Microbonding TechniqueGlass-Silicon BondingLithographyLab-On-A-Chip: The Revolution in Portable Instrumentation - 4th Edition (Technical Insights), AppendicesAppendix A: Contact InformationContact InformationAppendix B: Selected PatentsSelected PatentsAppendix C: Organizations Involved In MEMS And Microfuidics R&DOrganizations Involved in MEMS And Microfuidics R&DMCNC: MUMPS ProgramNIST/USC: MOSISAnalog Devices; Inc.DARPA's MicroFluidic Molecular Systems ProgramDavid Sarnoff Research CenterLawrence Livermore National Laboratory; Microtechnology CenterOther MEMS OrganizationsAppendix D: ReadingsReadingsAppendix E: Useful Website URLsUseful Website URLs

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