Landscaping IIoT Platforms—Vendor Clusters and Growth Prospects

Collaboration Bubble in IoT Ecosystem to Create Niche Business Use-cases in Industries

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Industrial IoT (IIoT) has transitioned from being a trending buzzword to becoming a close reality, as organisations are stepping into the actual implementation phase. The progressive improvement in computer prowess, simultaneously backed by electronic advances in sensor technology, has led to an era of convergence by creating innumerable data points and allowing technology to make sense of it. Businesses are now in a race to convert raw machine and process data into actionable and useful insights in real time. This era of convergence, which would help human beings attain new levels of efficiency with readily available actionable information, is made possible by various functional elements, such as communication

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Key Findings
2. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)—A Frost & Sullivan Perspective
IIoT—Emerging Themes in the Industrial Environment
IIoT—Key Attributes of a Smart Factory
Frost & Sullivan’s Value Proposition in IIoT
3. Research Scope and Objectives
Research Scope and Objective
4. Panoramic Outlook of Industrial Platform Landscape
Pillars of IIoT Platforms
IIoT Platform Framework
Geographic Hotspots
Key Industry Trends
5. Industrial Platform Marketplace—Overview
Key Questions this Section will Answer
GE Predix
Bosch IoT Suite
Azure IoT Suite
IBM Watson
SAP Cloud Platform
Native Platforms
6. Competitive Benchmarking of Industrial IoT Platforms
Benchmarking Parameters
Comparing Product Attributes
Weighing Customer Centricity
Competitive Landscape of IIoT Platforms
Competitive Landscape Mapping—Insights
Consumer Cognizance
7. Growth Opportunities and Call to Action
Industrial IoT Platform Vendor Ecosystem
Growth Opportunity 1—Equipment Personality
Growth Opportunity 2—Industry Certification
Growth Opportunity 3—Data-as-a-Service
Growth Opportunity 4—Middleware Protection
Big Bets of The Future
Strategic Imperatives for IIoT Platforms
8. The Last Word
The Last Word
Legal Disclaimer
9. Appendix
Market Engineering Methodology

List of Figures & Charts

1. Landscaping IIoT Platforms: Pillars of IIoT Platform, Global, 2016
2. Landscaping IIoT Platforms: IIoT Platform Framework, Global, 2016
3. Landscaping IIoT Platforms: Geographic Hotspots, Global, 2016
4. Landscaping IIoT Platforms: Key Industry Trends, Global, 2016
5. Landscaping IIoT Platforms: Profiling GE Predix, Global, 2016
6. Landscaping IIoT Platforms: Profiling Bosch IoT Suite, Global, 2016
7. Landscaping IIoT Platforms: Profiling Azure IoT Suite, Global, 2016
8. Landscaping IIoT Platforms: Profiling IBM Watson, Global, 2016
9. Landscaping IIoT Platforms: Profiling SAP Cloud Platform, Global, 2016
10. Landscaping IIoT Platforms: Native Platforms, Global, 2016
11. Landscaping IIoT Platforms: Benchmarking Parameters, Global, 2016
12. Landscaping IIoT Platforms: Product Attribute Table, Global, 2016
13. Landscaping IIoT Platforms: Customer Centricity Table, Global, 2016
14. Landscaping IIoT Platforms: Competitive Landscape Insights, Global, 2016
15. Landscaping IIoT Platforms: Consumer Cognizance, Global, 2016
16. Landscaping IIoT Platforms: IIoT Platform Vendor Ecosystem, Global, 2016
17. Landscaping IIoT Platforms: Key Growth Aspects, Global, 2016
18. Landscaping IIoT Platforms: Strategic Imperative for IIoT Platforms, Global, 2016

1. Landscaping IIoT Platforms: Competitive Landscape, Global, 2016

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