Latin American Telecom Services Industry Outlook, 2017

Technologies such as Big Data, SDN and NFV, Augmented Reality, and Carrier Ethernet over WAN Gain Ground while New Business Models Foster Digital Tran

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The Latin American telecommunications market is experiencing increasing concentration as telcos struggle with dwindling revenues from traditional services and face the challenge of developing new business models and services that will add value for customers and enterprises from different verticals.

This study provides a 2017 outlook for the Latin American telecom services industry, focusing on the implications of the competitive landscape as companies surf the trend of new service and application opportunities. The research scope includes technologies such as Big Data, SDN and NFV, augmented reality, and carrier Ethernet over WAN. The market trends examined include technological developments in the region such as Big Data for telcos, eCommerce/online marketplaces, innovation-enabled monetization, and augmented reality, among others.

The study explores growth opportunities that will be created by telecom service providers and identifies potential business models. It evaluates telecom service providers’ future focus on infrastructure, technologies, services, and business models, and includes a 2017 growth analysis.

Analyses for 2016 and 2017 include measurements for Big Data, mobile money, mobile voice, mobile data, and mobile enterprise applications; 2016–2017 growth rates are provided.

Strategies, growth analysis, and future focus are discussed for telecommunications providers pertaining to 2016. The base year for the study is 2016, and forecasting is provided for 2017.

Telcos are having difficulties crossing the chasm between a fragmented ecosystem with a cost opportunity business model and selling connectivity for an ecosystem of partners; no one manages to cover all businesses as well as sell solutions and services. The challenges are organizational since data management, security and privacy, and interoperability are evolving fast to a Big Data framework, managed security services, and standardization.

Managed telco operations services are transforming from managed network operations centers (NOCs), field operations, configuration management, and operations and monetization software into IT infrastructure management, cloud infrastructure management, cloud infrastructure and connectivity management, service operations centers (SOCs), and small cell operations. Next-generation networks (NFV/SDN), managed M2M solutions, and customer experience centers are emerging in the telecommunications market.

Therefore, since telcos’ revenues are being affected by changes in market dynamics, they need to focus on becoming customer-centric organizations, investing in new products and services, aiming to transform their cost base and simplify, as well as digitalize, complex business models, processes, and systems. Telcos’ structure must become more agile, flexible, and able to leverage an interconnected ecosystem to adapt to this new era.

Key Questions this Study will Answer:
•     What are the top predictions and leading market trends that will drive the various sectors of the telecom market in 2017? What impact will
they have?
•     What are the key growth opportunities and strategic imperatives for current and potential telecom market participants in 2017?
•     What is the impact of the technological framework and trends on market growth?
•     What are the potential business models that will transform the telecom market in 2017? What impact will they have?

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Key Findings
Research Scope
Snapshot of Key 2017 Telecom Services Industry Predictions
2. Telecom Services Industry Outlook for 2017
Top Telecom Services Industry Predictions for 2017
Big Data Telecommunications CAPEX—2016 and 2017
Mobile Money Services Industry Users—2016 and 2017
Mobile Money Services Industry Users—Forecast Discussion
Mobile Services Industry Revenue—2016 and 2017
Mobile Services Industry Revenue—Forecast Discussion
Mobile Enterprise Applications Industry Revenue—2016 and 2017
Mobile Enterprise Applications Industry Revenue—Forecast Discussion
M2M Services Industry Revenue—2016 and 2017
3. Industry Outlook by Sector
Opportunities for Telcos in Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation—Self Service
Digital Transformation—Agile IT
Digital Transformation—Vertical Solutions
Big Data’s Major Telco Opportunities
Big Data—Customer 360
Big Data—Network Optimization
Big Data—Data Monetization
Mobile Money Deployments for the Unbanked
Mobile Money—Success Factors
Mobile Money—Role of Telcos
Innovation and Monetization
CSPs Monetization Systems—from Specific to General
Innovation and Monetization—One-Billing-System-for-All No Longer Applies
SDN and NFV—Next Big Trend Brewing in the Communication Services Industry
SDN and NFV—Traditional ICT Products and Services Cannot Drive Growth
SDN and NFV—Different yet Complementary Tech
eCommerce and Online Marketplaces vs. Traditional Retail
eCommerce and Online Marketplaces—Key Driving Factors
Trends in eCommerce and Enabling Technologies
Augmented Reality—Overview
Augmented Reality—Market Drivers
Augmented Reality—Market Restraints
Augmented Reality—Applications/Industry Impact
Carrier Ethernet over WAN—Outlook
Carrier Ethernet over WAN—Key Driving Factors
Carrier Ethernet over WAN—Plan of Action for Carriers
Mobility and Mobile Enterprise Applications
Mobile Device Usage and Ownership
Enforcing BYOD Policies
IoT Market Distribution Channels
IoT—Key Industry Vertical Taxonomy
IoT as an Enabler of Industry Transformation
4. 2017 Key Trends to Watch
Key 2017 Telco Digital Transformation Trends
Key 2017 Big Data for Telcos Trends
Key 2017 Mobile Money Trends
Key 2017 Innovation Enabled by Monetization Trends
Key 2017 SDN / NFV Trends
Key 2017 eCommerce and Online Marketplaces Trends
Key 2017 Augmented Reality Trends
Key 2017 Carrier Ethernet over WAN Trends
Key 2017 Mobility Trends
Key 2017 Internet of Things Trends
5. Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action
Growth Opportunity 1—Customer-centric Organization for Digital Transformation
Growth Opportunity 2—Monetize Big Data
Growth Opportunity 3—Interoperability for Mobile Money Wallets
Growth Opportunity 4—CSP Monetization Systems
Growth Opportunity 5—Deploy SDN and NFV to Enhance Network Efficiency and Scalability
Growth Opportunity 6—Enabling Technologiesin eCommerce
Growth Opportunity 7—Augmented Reality
Growth Opportunity 8—Carrier Ethernet over WAN
Growth Opportunity 9—Applications to Foster Growth while Protecting Traditional Revenue Sources
Growth Opportunity 10—IoT Infrastructure and Solution Provider
6. Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth
The Last Word
Key Conclusions
Legal Disclaimer
7. The Frost & Sullivan Story

List of Figures & Charts

1. Telecom Services Industry: Top Predictions, Latin America, 2017
2. Big Data for Telcos Services Market: Type of Use, Latin America, 2016 and 2017
3. Telecom Services Market: CSP Billing Functional View, Americas, 2017
4. Billing Systems Services Industry: Solutions Functions, Latin America, 2017
5. eCommerce and Online Marketplaces: Statistics, Latin America, 2015
6. eCommerce and Online Marketplaces: Key Driving Factors, Latin America, 2016–2021
7. Augmented Reality Market: Key Market Drivers, Latin America, 2017–2022
8. Augmented Reality Market: Key Market Restraints, Latin America, 2017–2022
9. Carrier Ethernet over WAN: Key Driving Factors, Latin America, 2017
10. IoT Market: Distribution Channel Analysis, Latin America, 2016

1. Big Data Telecommunications Market: CAPEX, Latin America, 2016 and 2017
2. Mobile Money Services Industry: Users by Type, Latin America, 2016 and 2017
3. Mobile Services Industry: Revenue by Sector, Latin America, 2016 and 2017
4. Mobile Enterprise Applications Industry: Revenue, Latin America, 2016 and 2017
5. M2M Services Industry: Revenue, Latin America, 2016 and 2017
6. Mobile Money Services Industry: Deployments Timeline, Latin America, 2007 to 2015
7. Mobile Money Services Market: Number of Deployments for the Unbanked by Country, Latin America, 2016
8. Mobile Money Services Market: Number of Deployments for the Unbanked by Type, Latin America, 2016
9. Mobile Device Usage, Latin America, 2015
10. BYOD Trends, Latin America, 2015 to 2017
11. Internet of Things Market: Market Evolution, Global, 2015–2020




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