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The growth of modern electronic technology based on semiconductor transistors is almost reaching an impasse because the Moore’s Law is almost reaching its fundamental limits. In a few years, transistors will reach a state where they cannot be further shrunk. This calls for immediate measures to find ways and alternatives to replace the present transistor and electronic technology with future-proof and concrete technology that will keep the development of electronics technology afloat. Moreover, the epicenter of current technology development in electronics lies in miniaturization. The gadgets have shrunk drastically in the last decade and emergence of Internet of Things (IoT) and connected living among other

Table of Contents

Future Tech--Low Power Electronics—A Technology OverviewNeed for Low Power ElectronicsMacro Factors Paving Way for Next-generation Electronic DevicesMinor Factors Paving Way for Next-generation Electronic DevicesLow Power Electronics—An IntroductionPower Dissipation in Electronic Circuits and Types of Dissipation Strategies to Reduce Power Dissipation at Circuit LevelStrategies to Reduce Power Dissipation in Circuit Level–Reduction of Static (Leakage current) Power DissipationPower Dissipation Reduction Techniques in Circuit Level– Reduction of Dynamic Power DissipationLow Power Electronics—Applications Overview and Innovation EcosystemLow Power Electronics ApplicationsInnovation EcosystemKey DevelopmentsEnergy Efficient Tunnel FET Switches and FETSquishy Transistors Ultrafast, Low-power Photonic TransistorElectrically Controllable Valley Current DeviceHigh-Performance Polymer Insulators for FETAnalyst InsightsStrategic InsightsAppendixKey Patents–USAKey Patents–USAKey Patents–USAKey Patents–World Key Patents–World Key Contacts

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