Materials and Chemicals Research Service--Advanced Materials Technology (Technical Insights)

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This report covers developments in advanced materials, including new processes to create and manufacture them.

Table of Contents

Materials and Chemicals Research Service--Advanced Materials Technology (Technical Insights), Executive SummaryIntroduction to Advanced Materials and ChemicalsOverview of Advanced MaterialsThe Age of Advanced MaterialsScope and MethodologyScope of StudyResearch MethodologyMaterials and Chemicals Research Service--Advanced Materials Technology (Technical Insights), Technology Trends and AnalysesEmerging TechniquesNature Inspires Developments: BiomimeticsCombining Properties and FunctionsModeling and SimulationNanoengineering and NanotechnologyMolecular Self-AssemblyBio-FactoriesNature Inspires Materials DevelopmentsBioplasticsHSO/MA Reinforced FibersCollagen BandageCorn Starch FoamBiomimeticsConvert Algal Enzymes to Silica MaterialsTranslate Gecko's Stickiness into Strong AdhesiveLearning from a Dolphin Prevents FoulingInspired by a Horse; Researcher Develops Biomimetic PlateSpider Silk Leads to Performance FibersImproving Properties and FunctionFabricate Copper that's Ductile and StrongMaterial Switches States and PropertiesProcess Yields Tough and Flexible Polymer-CeramicPolyproplyne-Polyethylene Blend Gives Impact ResistanceCombine Porosity and SemiconductivityModeling and SimulationStudy the Behavior of AluminumDesign Multifunctional CompositeImprove Piezoelectric MaterialsOptimize the Properties of Carbon NanotubesPredict a Material's FailureNano Engineering and NanotechnologyGet Help from Microbes To Produce Nanoscale ArraysDevelop Nanotubes from Synthetic Organic MoleculesCreate Multilayered NanowiresMEMS Get Super SmallNovel Manufacturing TechniquesMass Produce Quality NanotubesUniform NanotubesFabricate Nanostructures by Chiral Self-AssemblyProduce Crystalline Thin Films at Lower TemperaturesFor PHA Plastics; Try Genetic EngineeringMaterials and Chemicals Research Service--Advanced Materials Technology (Technical Insights), Industry Engineering NewsNew Materials in the MarketCerablakThermionBucky Pearlk-CoreTechrobondCryovac XenithDemronPOSSXLTurfInnovative DevelopersComposite Cable Carries More Power - Composite Technology Corp.Produce Low Density Foam Film - Oldenburg Kunststofftechnik GmbHProduce PHA Cost Effectively - Metabolix Inc.Fibrinogen Bandage Heals Wounds Naturally - NanoMatrix Inc.Use Trimetasphere for Contrast Agent - Luna Innovations Inc.Develop Brighter Materials for Displays - Philips Research LaboratoriesPrint Electronic Patterns on A Plastic Substrate - Xerox Research CenterIncrease The Efficiency of Light-Emitting Silicon - STMicroelectronicsReactive Multilayer Foil Creates Ultra-Strong Bonds - Nanotechnologies Inc.Develop Superconducting Wires from Magnesium Diboride - Agere SystemsCreate Magnetic Nanomaterials Based On Ferritin Molecules - NanoMagnetics Ltd.Replace Aluminum Cans With Crystal-Clear PET Containers- Owens-IllinoisFine-Tune Intraocular Lens With Light - Calhoun Vision Inc.Avoid Stains On Plastic Food Storage - Rubbermaid Home Products Co.Utilize Soybean to Develop Environmentally Friendly Resins - Cara PlasticsBuild Stronger Muscle - NanoMuscle Inc.Mergers; Acquisitions; Partnership; Joint Ventures; and AlliancesDuPont Displays and RiTEK Corp. Open OLED Manufacturing FacilityPolyOne Corp. and Nanocor Inc. Form Strategic AllianceAlliant Techsystems Inc. Acquires Composite Optics Inc.DSM Forms Alliance with Carbon Nanotechnologies Inc.Equistar Chemicals LP and P&G Forge Catalyst AllianceMaterials and Chemicals Research Service--Advanced Materials Technology (Technical Insights), Global DevelopmentsAsia PacificLithium Nitride Stores More HydrogenSmart Gels Get ColorfulBiocement Restores Porous StructuresComposite Combines Durability with Biodegradable PropertiesNanotube Yarns Lead to Macroscopic DevicesDetect Poisonous Pollutant with ChemosensorProgrammable Mesoporous SilicaMelamine Fibers Increase Heat- and Flame-ResistanceGenerate Voltage with the Help of NanotubesEuropeUse Mediterranean Thistle To Make BiodieselPotato Starch Produces Plastic FilmsFrom Butterfly Scales to Photonic MaterialsCombine the Properties of Crystals and Polymers in One MaterialCondensing LightSmall LEDS; Huge ProgressA Convenient Method for Creating 3D Nanoscale StructuresSol-Gel Process Yields Optical ComponentsNew Uses for Laser SinteringMaterials and Chemicals Research Service--Advanced Materials Technology (Technical Insights), Trends and Challenges in Technology and the MarketplaceAdvanced Materials MarketplaceDrivers and RestraintsTrends and ForecastsResearch and Development SpendingVenture Capital SpendingAdvanced Materials Get Environmentally FriendlyBiodegradabilityBiocompatibilityTechnical ChallengesInterface and ConnectionLubrication for NanomachinesMaterials and Chemicals Research Service--Advanced Materials Technology (Technical Insights), Contacts; Patents; and Technical Insights' Science and Technology 2003 AwardsContacts and PatentsContactsPatentsTechnical Insights' Science and Technology Awards 2003Technology InnovationExcellence in R&D

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