Membrane Separation (Technical Insights)

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This research service outlines the key developments in membrane separation technologies.

Table of Contents

Membrane Separation (Technical Insights), Executive SummaryScope and MethodologyScope MethodologyKey FindingsNoteworthy Emerging Technologies Noteworthy ApplicationsAssessment of Competing TechnologiesMembrane Separation (Technical Insights), Technology and Applications ViewpointTechnology and Applications AnalysisTechnology PrimerApplications Analysis and TrendsAnalysis and Ranking of Application SegmentsWater and Wastewater Applications Impact AnalysisMedical and Related Applications Impact AnalysisIndustrial Processing Applications Impact AnalysisChemicals and Petrochemicals Applications Impact AnalysisEnergy and Environmental Applications Impact AnalysisStakeholder Assessment and Analysis; Regulatory IssuesStakeholder Assessment and AnalysisRegulatory; Environmental; and Political Factors Influential Market FactorsM&S AnalysisIndustry TrendsMembrane Separation (Technical Insights), Technology Adoption Factor AnalysisAnalysis of Technology RestraintsRegulatory Hurdles and Standards AssessmentsTechnology or Product Development Restraints Competing TechnologiesAnalysis of Technology DriversTechnology Features and BenefitsAdoption Drivers for Membrane Separation TechnologiesMembrane Separation (Technical Insights), Innovative Developments in Water and Wastewater ApplicationsAssessment of Innovations in North AmericaRO Recovery Process Developed for Ammonium Nitrate CondensatesDrinkable Water Anywhere from Any Water SourceFlux Decline During Nanofiltration Investigated at RensselaerUS Bureau of Reclamation Supports Oregon Studies on Membrane FoulingThe Advantages of Ceramic Membrane Bioreactors (MBRs) Experts Provide Solutions to Solve Membrane Fouling ProblemsAssessment of Innovations in the Rest of the WorldNovel Hybrid Ozonation/Biofiltration Process for Drinking Water--NorwayCost-Effective Membrane Toxic Waste Stream Processing--UKMembrane Separation (Technical Insights), Innovative Developments in Medical and Related ApplicationsAssessment of Innovations in North AmericaNovel Method for Forming Dense Membrane Hollow Fibers: Blood-Gas Exchange ApplicationsProprietary Membrane-Based Filter Protects the Blood Supply from vCJD PrionsSelf-Screener Anemia Test Device Based on Microporous MembraneMembrane Developments Are Meeting Needs of Bio and Medical MarketsAssessment of Innovations in the Rest of the WorldEuropean Group Shares Findings on Dialysis Treatment Studies--GermanyBreathing Easier with NovaLung ILA--GermanyMembrane Separation (Technical Insights), Innovative Developments in Industrial Processing ApplicationsAssessment of Innovations in North AmericaSilicon Carbide Membranes Show Promise for High-Temperature Reactive ApplicationsFAA Tests Membrane-Based On-Board Inert Gas Generator System (OBIGGS)Membrane Contactors Useful for De-Bubbling Inkjet InksAssessment of Innovations in the Rest of the WorldDutch Pervaporation Process Provides High Quality Flavors--NetherlandsMembrane Processing Increases Profitability for Food; Beverage and Pharmaceutical Applications--SwedenNovel Membrane Technology for Ingredient Delivery--GermanyMembrane Separation (Technical Insights), Innovative Developments in Chemicals and Petrochemicals ApplicationsAssessment of Innovations in North AmericaS-Brane Pervaporation: a Cost-Effective Process to Produce Low Sulfur GasolineHydrophobic Zeolite Pervaporation Membranes for High Flux and SelectivityAdvances in Membrane Technologies Address Issues in Petrochemical IndustriesAssessment of Innovations in the Rest of the WorldGreen Chemical Recovery Technology Developed--UKPervaporation Membrane Process Separates Benzene from Aliphatics--GermanyAkzo Nobel Producing Chlorine Using PEM Fuel Cell Technology--NetherlandsMembrane Separation (Technical Insights), Innovative Developments in Energy and Environmental ApplicationsAssessment of Innovations in North AmericaCharacterizing Membranes for Automotive Fuel CellsNovel Membrane Material Enhances Fuel Cell PerformanceCO2-Selective Membranes for Hydrogen PurificationUltrathin SOFC Membranes May Enhance Performance Assessment of Innovations in the Rest of the WorldUnique Membrane Reformer Provides Hydrogen for Commercial Fuel Cell Power Generator--JapanMembrane Reactor Development Funded by Global Climate and Energy Project--NetherlandsMembrane Separation (Technical Insights), Analysis of Funding Sources and Innovation AssessmentVenture Capital and Public Sector Funding Analysis Venture Capital AnalysisPublic Sector Funding AnalysisCompany Funding and Innovation AssessmentCompany Funding Innovation AssessmentMembrane Separation (Technical Insights), Patents; Database of Key Industry Participants; References; and GlossaryPatents20052004Database of Key Industrial Participants; References; and GlossaryDatabase of Key Industrial ParticipantsReferences and ResourcesGlossaryMembrane Separation (Technical Insights), Frost & Sullivan 2005 Science and Technology AwardsTechnology InnovationAward DescriptionAward Recipient Excellence in TechnologyAward DescriptionAward RecipientTechnology LeadershipAward DescriptionAward RecipientMembrane Separation (Technical Insights), Critical Reference TablesDecision Support DatabaseExpenditure for Water/Wastewater Management (1999-2006)Printing and Writing Paper Production (1999-2006)Percentage of Urban Population with Access to Sanitation (1999-2006)Freshwater Resources--Per Capita (1999-2006)Percentage of Total Population with Access to Safewater (1999-2006)

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