Microelectronics TechVision Opportunity Engine--Advancements in Encapsulation Technology

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Encapsulation technology, organic light-emitting diodes, flexible electronics, liquid crystal displays, photovoltaic cells, thin film encapsulation, atomic layer deposition, semiconductors, MEMS, and light-emitting diodes are important research topics in microelectronics.

Just as system-on-chip technologies, field-programmable gate arrays, heads-up displays, smart devices, flexible batteries, organic semiconductors, organic chips, printed electronics, transistors, micro controller units, and wearable electronics, are important in the microelectronics technology domain; encapsulation technology, atmospheric plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD), dielectric barrier discharge (DBD), polyethylene terephthalate (PET), OLEDs (organic light-emitting diodes), flexible electronics, flexible solar cells, printable solar cells, LCDs (liquid crystal displays), photovoltaic cells, thin film encapsulation process, tetrafluoroethylene (TEF), atomic layer deposition (ALD) , semiconductors, MEMS, light-emitting diodes (LEDs), and fast array scanning atomic layer deposition (FAST-ALD) systems are also important.

Microelectronics TechVision Opportunity Engine is an annual technology tracking subscription with new content made available on a weekly basis.


Key technologies: Inkjet printing, PECVD, DBD, PET, OLED, flexible electronics, solar cells, LCD, photovoltaic cells, thin film encapsulation process, tetrafluoroethylene, ALD, semiconductors, MEMS, LED, and FAST-ALD systems

Table of Contents

Microelectronics TechVision Opportunity Engine--Advancements in Encapsulation TechnologyInnovation EcosystemDevelopment of Atmospheric Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor DepositionThin Film Encapsulation using Inkjet Printing TechnologyDevelopment of Thin films Barrier Layer using PlasmaDevelopment of Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer DepositionAnalyst Insights and Key ContactsStrategic PerspectivesStrategic Perspectives (continued)Industry Interactions




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