Military Global Navigation Satellite Systems Market Assessment

High CAGR Growth Likely for Receivers Due to the Implementation of the Precision Strike Paradigm

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Recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan showed that precision strikes seem to be a new feature of contemporary military conflicts. From the military point of view, a single strike of a 155mm GNSS-guided artillery round can bring a solution which previously required a utilization of dozen of unguided rounds. Therefore, a substantial demand growth is predicted for GNSS guided weapons for 120mm mortars, 152/155mm artillery systems, rocket artillery systems, tactical missiles, and guidance kits for unguided bombs.

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryExecutive SummaryExecutive Summary—Market OpportunitiesExecutive Summary—Market Engineering MeasurementsExecutive Summary—CEO’s PerspectiveMarket OverviewMarket Overview—DefinitionsMarket Overview—Definitions (continued)Market Overview—SegmentationMarket Overview—Covered RegionsGeographic Scope* Market Overview—Key Questions This Study Will AnswerMarket Overview—Segmentation Market Overview—Segmentation DiscussionExternal Challenges: Drivers and Restraints—Military Navigation Satellite Systems MarketDrivers and RestraintsDrivers ExplainedDrivers Explained (continued)Restraints ExplainedRestraints Explained (continued)Forecasts and Trends—Military Navigation Satellite Systems MarketMarket Engineering MeasurementsMilitary GNSS Capabilities TimelineForecast AssumptionsForecast Assumptions (continued)Military GNSS Market—Revenue ForecastRevenue Forecast DiscussionMilitary GNSS Market—Per cent Revenue Forecast by RegionRevenue Forecast by RegionRegional Revenue Forecast DiscussionRegional Revenue Forecast Discussion (continued)Regional Revenue Forecast Discussion (continued)Military Navigation Satellite Systems Market—Per cent Revenue Forecast by Vertical MarketRevenue Forecast by Vertical MarketVertical Market Revenue Forecast DiscussionVertical Market Revenue Forecast Discussion (continued)Military GNSS Market—Per cent Revenue Forecast by End UserRevenue Forecast by End UserEnd-user Revenue Forecast DiscussionCompetitive AnalysisCompetitive Landscape OverviewCompetitive Landscape Overview (continued)Competitive Landscape Overview (continued)Competitive Landscape Overview (continued)Select Military Navigation Satellite Systems Projects/ContractsSelect Military Navigation Satellite Systems Projects/Contracts (continued)Select Military Navigation Satellite Systems Projects/Contracts (continued)Military GNSS Supplier Process Mega Trend AnalysisAlternative or Non-GNSS Navigation Solutions MapReceivers Segment BreakdownMarket Engineering MeasurementsReceivers Segment—Revenue Forecast Receivers Segment—Revenue Forecast by Sub-segmentReceivers Segment—Revenue Forecast by RegionReceivers Segment—Revenue Forecast by End UserReceivers Segment—Revenue DiscussionReceivers Segment—Revenue Discussion (continued)Receivers Segment—Revenue Discussion (continued)Receivers Segment—ConclusionData Applications Segment BreakdownMarket Engineering MeasurementsData Applications—Revenue ForecastData Applications Segment—Revenue Forecast by Sub-segmentData Applications Segment—Revenue Forecast by RegionData Applications Segment—Revenue Forecast by End UserData Applications Segment—Revenue DiscussionData Applications Segment—Revenue Discussion (continued)Data Applications Segment—ConclusionServices Segment BreakdownMarket Engineering MeasurementsServices Segment—Revenue ForecastServices Segment—Revenue Forecast by RegionServices Segment—Revenue Forecast by End UserServices Segment—Revenue DiscussionServices Segment—Revenue Discussion (continued)Services Segment—ConclusionThe Last WordStrategic RecommendationsMilitary GNSS Market Attractiveness MapThe Last Word—Three Big PredictionsLegal DisclaimerAppendixMarket Engineering Methodology

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