Monetization: The Long Game for Network Operators

Monetization: The Long Game for Network Operators

Legacy Systems and New Cloud-Native Business Management Solutions

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The Stratecast Operations, Orchestration, Data Analytics & Monetization (ODAM) analyst team has completed its annual assessment of the communications service provider (CSP) monetization market. This market is defined by Stratecast to include the key business management functions of: billing mediation, rating & charging, other core billing, and policy management; along with the wholesale revenue management functions of interconnect & settlement and partner management. A detailed definition of each of these functions is contained in a later section of this report.

This study involves over 100 global suppliers, and results in a multi-part market sizing and forecast focused on the end-to-end monetization market.
Global CSP Monetization Part 2 assesses the billing mediation sector, provides a global market share analysis of the approximately 50 suppliers that deliver solutions to the global CSP market, and establishes a five-year forecast for this market. Key insights include:
·     Billing Mediation Market CAGR
·     Market Share of Top Seven Suppliers
·     Billing Mediation Continues to Gain Importance

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Introduction: Digital Transformation a Defining Moment

Market Definition of the CSP End-to-End Monetization Process

Billing Mediation

2016 Currency Fluctuation Impacts the Global Monetization Market

Key Business Drivers for Market Growth 2017-2021

Stratecast Global CSP Billing Mediation Market Forecast

Stratecast Global CSP Billing Mediation Market Share Analysis

Global CSP Billing Mediation Requirements

Demographics - Mergers and Acquisitions

Global CSP Billing Mediation Supplier List

Stratecast - The Last Word


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Existing (legacy) systems cannot address the operations, orchestration and monetization requirements that the above-listed transformational initiatives bring to bear. New systems are the ultimate answer, but addressing the “legacy gap” left by existing systems cannot come from a mandate to rip and replace. Installed networks continue to rely on the legacy systems and business process environment to support customers. Besides, the time-to-market “tax” to make a bulk systems change-out is too great. A copasetic hybrid approach to the operations and monetization systems enhancement challenge is sorely needed, as long as hybrid networks are in use. This report outlines the current state of the legacy CSP systems, and what is needed to meet a growing list of new business requirements. The report also describes how these needs are satisfied by integrating new functionality into existing business processes and systems, as the CSP industry begins to adopt microservices-based business function architecture.
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