Motion Control Sensors: Opportunities and Markets (Technical Insights)


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Table of Contents

Motion Control Sensors, Executive SummaryExecutive SummaryExecutive SummaryMotion Control Sensors, Future Trends in Sensor TechnologyIntroductionIntroductionSensor Databus SystemsSensor Databus SystemsSynchronous Serial InterfaceSERCOSFieldBusSmart Transducer Interface for Sensors; ActuatorsMotion Control Sensors, Motion Control FundamentalsIntroductionIntroductionMotion Control CategoriesMotion Control CategoriesSequencingSpeed ControlPoint-to-Point ControlIncremental Motion ControlMotion ControllersMotion ControllersProgrammable Logic Controllers (PLCs)Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)Vision SystemsVision SystemsVision-Guided Motion ControlVision-Guided Motion ControlMotion Control Sensors, Motion Control Sensors and Systems: Market ForecastsOpen Nonmilitary SensorsOpen Nonmilitary SensorsMEMS-Based Gyro Performance TestingMEMS-Based Gyro Performance TestingMachine VisionMachine VisionMachine Vision DevelopmentsAutomated Guided VehiclesAutomated Guided VehiclesRecent DevelopmentsIndustrial RobotsIndustrial RobotsResearch DevelopmentsMaintenance-Management SoftwareMaintenance-Management SoftwareStandards for Transducers to MicroprocessorsStandards for Transducers to MicroprocessorsMotion Control Sensors, Optical SensorsOptical Multiple-Beam InterferometryOptical Multiple-Beam InterferometryMicrowave-Impulse Radar TechnologyMicrowave-Impulse Radar TechnologySmart Intrusion SensorsSmart Intrusion SensorsNIST Improves Pyroelectric Optical DetectorNIST Improves Pyroelectric Optical DetectorSelf-Referenced Fiberoptic Microdisplacement SensorSelf-Referenced Fiberoptic Microdisplacement SensorRecent DevelopmentsRecent DevelopmentsFiberoptic Sensor Tackles Sleep DisordersFiberoptic Sensor Tackles Sleep DisordersProximity Sensor Improves Eye SurgeryProximity Sensor Improves Eye SurgeryMotion Control Sensors, Machine Vision Sensor SystemsImage Sensor Chip for Object TrackingImage Sensor Chip for Object TrackingSensor FusionSensor Fusion3D Image from One Camera3D Image from One CameraRobot Eye on a ChipRobot Eye on a ChipCMOS Sensors Modeled on Human EyeCMOS Sensors Modeled on Human EyeDistributed Automation with ARCSwareDistributed Automation with ARCSwareVision-Guided Motion ControlEstablishing a Remote NodeVision Integration and Image ProcessingOak Ridge Licenses Miniature CameraOak Ridge Licenses Miniature CameraHigh-Tech Machine Vision Made EasyHigh-Tech Machine Vision Made EasyImager Tracks Overlapping ObjectsImager Tracks Overlapping ObjectsNo Waste with Machine Vision SensorNo Waste with Machine Vision SensorMore Filtering for Active-Pixel SensorsMore Filtering for Active-Pixel SensorsFastest Megapixel SensorFastest Megapixel SensorNew Class of Wavefront SensorsNew Class of Wavefront SensorsCDD-CMOS HybridCDD-CMOS HybridHighway Maintenance Goes DigitalHighway Maintenance Goes Digital3D Mouse Controls Robotic Arm3D Mouse Controls Robotic ArmMotion Control Sensors, Electrical and Magnetic SensorsGMR Sensors and Coded ParticlesGMR Sensors and Coded ParticlesPiezoelectric Polymer-Coated Wire SensorsPiezoelectric Polymer-Coated Wire SensorsApplications Abound for Flexible SensorApplications Abound for Flexible SensorLow-Cost Piezoelectric DC-Powered AccelerometersLow-Cost Piezoelectric DC-Powered AccelerometersCapacitance Detects Micromotor AnglesCapacitance Detects Micromotor AnglesModel Helps Pressure-Sensor ResponseModel Helps Pressure-Sensor ResponseCapacitive Proximity Sensors for MaterialsCapacitive Proximity Sensors for MaterialsUltrasonic Sensor Features Self-TestUltrasonic Sensor Features Self-TestCharge Transfer Improves Capacitive SensingCharge Transfer Improves Capacitive SensingThin-Film Laminates for Sensory SkinThin-Film Laminates for Sensory SkinTest Drive Sensors on the NetTest Drive Sensors on the NetHall-Effect Sensor Eliminates Offset ErrorsHall-Effect Sensor Eliminates Offset ErrorsNew Programmable Linear Hall-Effect SensorNew Programmable Linear Hall-Effect SensorDesigning the Right ThermocoupleDesigning the Right ThermocouplePotentiometer Sensor Measures Finger PositionsPotentiometer Sensor Measures Finger PositionsMinitransformers for Millimachined InstrumentsMinitransformers for Millimachined InstrumentsTexas Institute Helps Nondestructive EvaluationTexas Institute Helps Nondestructive EvaluationMotion Control Sensors, Mechanical SensorsSteel for Thick-Film Force SensorSteel for Thick-Film Force SensorControl Motion with Thick-Film Ceramic SensorsControl Motion with Thick-Film Ceramic SensorsLow-Cost Position Sensor for Rotating MachinesLow-Cost Position Sensor for Rotating MachinesMicromachined Vibration Sensors Are Smaller and More AccurateMicromachined Vibration Sensors Are Smaller and More AccuratePressure Sensor Operates in Fluid-Mixing EnvironmentPressure Sensor Operates in Fluid-Mixing EnvironmentConcrete Is its Own Strain SensorConcrete Is its Own Strain SensorInclination Sensors for Auto AirbagsInclination Sensors for Auto AirbagsTorque Sensors Get Harmonic DrivesTorque Sensors Get Harmonic DrivesInertial Sensing for Future AutosInertial Sensing for Future AutosRobust Levitating Micromachined GyroscopeRobust Levitating Micromachined GyroscopeSmall Gyros for Consumer ApplicationsSmall Gyros for Consumer ApplicationsSingle Sensor Measures Acceleration in 2DSingle Sensor Measures Acceleration in 2DMagnetohydrodynamics Detects Small Angular VibrationsMagnetohydrodynamics Detects Small Angular VibrationsGravity Research Yields Precise Rotating TableGravity Research Yields Precise Rotating TableTechnology Measures Motor-Shaft Rotation Without ResolverTechnology Measures Motor-Shaft Rotation Without ResolverNew Applications for Analog AccelerometersNew Applications for Analog AccelerometersCommercial Sensors Monitor Vibration; Object MotionCommercial Sensors Monitor Vibration; Object MotionMicro-Accelerometer for Gesture RecognitionMicro-Accelerometer for Gesture RecognitionAcceleration-Based Tilt-Angle MeasurementAcceleration-Based Tilt-Angle MeasurementTroubleshooting AccelerometersTroubleshooting AccelerometersDelco Sensor Combines Rate; AccelerationDelco Sensor Combines Rate; AccelerationAccelerometer Based on Free-Convection Heat TransferAccelerometer Based on Free-Convection Heat TransferPorous Silicon AccelerometerPorous Silicon AccelerometerSilicon Wafer Makes Shock-Resistant SensorSilicon Wafer Makes Shock-Resistant SensorFiber Sensor Monitors VibrationsFiber Sensor Monitors VibrationsConvection Yields Inexpensive Tilt SensorsConvection Yields Inexpensive Tilt SensorsMotion Control Sensors, Sensors in Robotic and Automation SystemsRecon Sensors for Robots that Crawl or FlyRecon Sensors for Robots that Crawl or FlyCapacitive Robotic SensingCapacitive Robotic SensingArm Senses Nearby ObjectsArm Senses Nearby ObjectsCapitalizing on the Network EnterpriseCapitalizing on the Network EnterpriseProject Tackles Problem of IntegrationProject Tackles Problem of IntegrationToy Robots Use Sophisticated TechnologyToy Robots Use Sophisticated TechnologyStart-Up Can Change Design Process FlowStart-Up Can Change Design Process FlowDistributed Simulation for Far-Flung CompaniesDistributed Simulation for Far-Flung CompaniesNew Tool for Internet CollaborationNew Tool for Internet CollaborationAutomating the Assembly ProcessAutomating the Assembly ProcessMotion Control Electronics Face Big ChangesMotion Control Electronics Face Big ChangesEthernet Hits Factory FloorEthernet Hits Factory FloorBehavior-Based Factory SchedulingBehavior-Based Factory SchedulingHigh-Torque Solid-State MotorHigh-Torque Solid-State MotorEvaluation Tool for Agile ManufacturingEvaluation Tool for Agile ManufacturingRobot Calculates Position for MobilityRobot Calculates Position for MobilityPaper Die Material in Metal FormingPaper Die Material in Metal FormingFiberoptic Distributed Sensors for Chemical SensingFiberoptic Distributed Sensors for Chemical SensingCollective Intelligence Speeds Internet RoutingCollective Intelligence Speeds Internet RoutingRemote Sensor Link to Dies and ToolingRemote Sensor Link to Dies and ToolingVideo Camera as Alignment SystemVideo Camera as Alignment SystemAutonomous Robot Technology Gets Augmented RealityAutonomous Robot Technology Gets Augmented RealityTorque Has Better Control over Two RobotsTorque Has Better Control over Two RobotsRobots Use Sonar DetectionRobots Use Sonar DetectionBetter Boundaries for Flexible Robot ArmsBetter Boundaries for Flexible Robot ArmsMotion Control Sensors, Selected US Patents for Motion Control SensorsPatentsPatentsMotion Control Sensors, Internet ResourcesInternet ResourcesInternet ResourcesMotion Control Sensors, Industrial and Educational OrganizationsIndustrial and Educational OrganizationsIndustrial and Educational OrganizationsMotion Control Sensors, Appendix 1: Sensor TypesAppendix 1: Sensor TypesAccelerometersEddy-Current Position SensorEddy-Current SensorsElectromechanical Relays and ContactorsGiant Magnetoresistance (GMR) SensorsHall-Effect SensorsLight SensorsLimit Switches and Centrifugal SwitchesMagnetic SensingMagnetostrictive Linear Position SensorsOptical Shaft EncodersPhotoelectric SensorsPosition and Velocity SensorsPressure SensorsProximity SensorsReflective Light Sensors (RLS)Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs)Strain GagesSwitching SensorsTemperature-Control ICsTemperature SwitchesThermistorsUltrasonic Sensor for Proximity or Distance MeasurementMotion Control Sensors, Appendix 2: DefinitionsDefinitionsDefinitions

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