Nanotechnology--Applications and Markets in North America (Technical Insights)

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Discusses nanotechnology development in North America.

Table of Contents

Nanotechnology--Applications and Markets in North America (Technical Insights), Executive SummaryIntroductionIntroduction Key FeaturesScope and MethodologyScope of this StudyResearch MethodologyNanotechnology--Applications and Markets in North America (Technical Insights), Nanotechnology in Medicine and Life SciencesTechnology Description & ApplicationsTechnology DescriptionDrug Delivery; Discovery; TherapeuticsTechnical Drivers and ChallengesDriversChallengesCompeting TechnologiesOral; Injection and Inhalation Delivery SystemsLiposomes; Microencapsulation and Polymer Drug Delivery SystemsAntibodiesKey Developers and DevelopmentsKey DevelopmentsKey DevelopersCurrent Research & DevelopmentNanoshells to Cure CancerPeptides for Precise NanomaterialsNanoparticles Light Up Brain TumorsBiobarcode Amplification to Anaylze DNAIntracellular NanosensorsMicrofluidic Chips for LOCsSilica Nanotubes for Medical ApplicationsNanotubes for Drug-DeliveryNanotubes Coat Titanium Arthritis JointsOne-Cell GeneticsNanotubes for Better Orthopedic ImplantsBuckyballs' Toxic Effects in (Fish) BrainsNanotechnology--Applications and Markets in North America (Technical Insights), Nanotechnology in Chemicals and MaterialsTechnology Description & ApplicationsTechnology OverviewNanoparticles and NanocompositesCarbon Nanotube-Based MaterialsTechnical Drivers & ChallengesDriversChallengesCompeting TechnologiesAlloysCompositesKey Developers and DevelopmentsKey DevelopmentsKey DevelopersCurrent Research & DevelopmentNanotechnology for Better RefrigerationNickel Silicide Nanowires For Nanoscale JunctionsProduce Nanoparticle-Carbon Nanotube Composites via Direct AssemblyNovel Nanoparticles for Electrical Components Patterned Devices from Colloidal NanocrystalsGrowing Uniformly Aligned NanorodsProduce Long SWNTs via Rapid CVD ProcessRoom Temperature ‘Green’ NanoparticlesElectricity Controls Nanocrystal ShapeManufacturing Polyaniline NanofibersCritical Intensity Optics and NanomorphingDuke Researchers Fabricate 'Smart' NanostructuresNematic Nanotube GelsMethanol Fuel Cell Catalysts Using Fullerene FilmsNanotechnology-Based Thermal Insulators Constant Strain Stiffens NanoparticlesNanotechnology--Applications and Markets in North America (Technical Insights), Nanotechnology in ElectronicsTechnology Description & ApplicationsTechnology DescriptionNanoelectronicsNanolithographyTechnical Drivers and ChallengesDriversChallengesCompeting TechnologiesMEMSMicrolithographyKey Developments and DevelopersKey DevelopmentsDevelopersCurrent Research & DevelopmentImproving Infrared Performance of Nanoscale SensorsFerromagnetic Iron Nanowire ArraysMaking Nanoscale ElectronicsSilicon Nanoparticle PhotodetectorQuantum Dots Without WiresConducting Polymer Nanowires Build Addressable ArraysNanoscale 3D Optical Photonic CrystalsSemiconducting Nanotubes Display Band-Gap ShrinkageMetallic Nanotubes go SemiconductingSWNTs as Pressure SensorsMolecular Devices to Use Nanowire Memory CellsDNA Nanopatterning Makes Re-Writable MemoryEntangled Ions Form Quantum ComputerQuantum Computing Closer to RealityNanotechnology--Applications and Markets in North America (Technical Insights), Nanotechnology in ImagingTechnology Description & ApplicationsTechnology OverviewAtomic Force MicroscopyScanning Tunneling MicroscopyNanotechnology in Conventional ImagingTechnical Drivers and ChallengesDriversChallengesCompeting TechnologiesUltrasoundMagnetic Resonance ImagingOptical ImagingNuclear ImagingKey DevelopersKey DevelopersCurrent Research & DevelopmentQuantum Dots from Germanium NanocrystalsOptical Imaging ResearchFluorescent Nanodots to Tag Faulty GenesElectronically Coupled Quantum DotsSuperconducting Microtesla MRIWatch One Electron SpinNanotechnology--Applications and Markets in North America (Technical Insights), Patents; Contacts; Glossary and FAQsPatents & ContactsPatentsContactsGlossary & FAQsGlossaryFAQsNanotechnology--Applications and Markets in North America (Technical Insights), Frost & Sullivan 2004 Science and Technology AwardsExcellence in TechnologyAward DescriptionAward RecipientTechnology InnovationAward DescriptionAward RecipientNanotechnology--Applications and Markets in North America (Technical Insights), Decision Support DatabasesDecision Support DatabaseNumber of Manufacturing EstablishmentsCommercial & Consumer Car SalesNumber of Diagnostics Testing FacilitiesUS Plastic ConsumptionUS Transportation Industry Revenue

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